Friday, December 6, 2013

November Woof Wag Play Box

Most of you know that my furry children are quite spoiled and I subscribe to several pet boxes. The Woof Wag Play box is for Miss Liberty Bell (Libby) and is one of my favorites because it is organic and also available in grain free if your pup is grain free (Libby can have grain, but I do try to keep her organic) and I love that many items are human grade usually, grain free even in regular box at times,but always perfect and healthy for my puppy princess.

This is the November Woof Wag Play Box, which was a Thanksgiving day dinner in a box (for your pup of course)

As with most boxes the info card has the theme on one side and items and descriptions on the other side.

DOGS for DOG blueberry DOGSBAR $2.99- this was the "dessert" in the box...and how cute is's a nutrition bar for dogs!?! for every dogsbar sold one is donated...THAT is pretty awesome and gives me a reason to buy these (other than the pups really liking them since they look just like "mommy's breakfast" they think they are getting a mommy treat) 

Mutt Soup mix for dogs $10.35- another things that I had no idea was available...this is just what it says...a soup mix for your add a pound of lean ground meat (I will use Turkey or Chicken), water or chicken broth and olive oil....this makes 6 cups of soup for your pups..I decided to save this for when it got really cold (not very common here in TX) We are getting our first ice storm tonight and it will last a few days so I will make this for the pups tomorrow... I bet they will think they have gone to heaven that they each get a bowl of warm soup.

Mutt Meatballs treat mix for dogs $9.99...seriously am I the only one that didn't know about this add a pound of ground meat and make meatballs to bake for your pups...I will likely not serve this with the soup but for a special treat on a different occasion.

Fruitabes Pumpkin & Cranberry flavor crunchy treats $5.79- OK these I KNEW about, my pups love fruitables treats! This is a local company (Dallas, so nearby anyway) and I love to support local companies especially when they are so good...nice healthy organic treats for my furry kids. These are a special favorite of Miss Libby's.

Chloe's Bakery Pumpkin Creme Brulee treats $7.99- My Pups LOVED these. They are so fresh and natural that they must be refrigerated after opening them...I will admit i tasted...not bad...I would happily buy these again especially as a gift

Hugglehounds -ruff tex poppy the owl $13.99- This is an adorable squeaky ball shaped owl, my girls fight over it..Miss. Reba typically wins.

The total value of my November Woof Wag Play Box was $51.10, a real bargain considering this is $29 a month for the month to month plan (but I paid around $22 a box with the multiple month discount)

Right now you can get a 3 month plan for $78 that is an AWESOME deal since most months the value is close to $60 each box. I have received Woof Wag Play since their very first box and I can tell you they get better and better..This is a great organic (and grain free if you need that just tell them) box for you dogs...The quality of the items in Woof Wag Play Boxes are wonderful.

Right now all readers of The Dragon Slayer mommy can $5.00off any order by using "DRGNSLYRMOMMY5" at checkout as well...

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  1. Just saw this now! Glad your dog loved our treats!!

    Chess-Founder of Chloe's Bakery..