Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Wantable intimates box

Wantable is one of my must have boxes (as in if this blog no longer existed, I would STILL get all 3 Wantable boxes...they are always spot on and completely match my profile 95% of the time and the 5% they do not match my biggie..they replace the unwanted item for free)

This review is for my November Wantable Intimates Box (which I loved so much I changed my December Intimates box to ship the first week of December instead of the Last week as it usually ships)

Coobie Soft Bra $22.00- I really wouldn't call this a "typical" soft bra since it is a padded bra...but how ever they have is classified I LOVE actually fits (not easy when you are a 38 DD sometimes DDD depending or brand)
I love that it is a fun leopard print, it isn't often that I can find printed bras that fit me...I usually have to choose comfort or style...both doesn't happen and this has both, and it is actually less expensive than the plain bras I have been wearing...

Bella + Canvas organic ribbed tank in Ocean Blue $ 16.00- I just recently changed my profile to include tanks, I typically do not wear them because I can't find one that fits well...I have been so pleased with Wantable that I decided to add tanks to my likes...I am so glad that I did, this is a perfect fit (size XXL) and I finally have a cute tank for a layering piece....I will be leaving tanks on my profile for awhile and adding cami's as well...thank you Wantable!

Muk Luks snowflake slipper sock- $ 24.00- OMG...these are 100% spot on for me, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these...and the reason I ordered a second box to ship the same week I received this was so I could hopefully get more Muk Luk brand items...I can't find them here in the DFW area and  they are so warm and soft...really MUST have more!

Braza flash tape $8.00- I also recently added "accessories" to my profile, and I wasn't sure about making that change, and when I first saw this I was a little disappointed BUT after more thought it is EXACTLY what I need...because I have a large chest I often have "gaping" between buttons and this will completely eliminate this problem for me so I must say that this item may be the most perfect item in the box for me.

The total value of my November Wantable intimates box was $70, considering that the cost of this box is only $36 that an incredible it is ALL stuff I love and need...100% my style...and that's what I love about Wantable, the longer you are with them the better your boxes get over time as you fine tune your's like having a personal shopper at a bargain price!

Seriously, you want / NEED to have Wantable in your life... all three boxes are great (intimates, accessories and makeup) I love all three and I subscribe to all three.)

***this post contains affiliate links***

***this box was provided free of charge for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own***


  1. You're so lucky that u got those socks! I want them so badly. I've tried all 3 wantable boxes. The first makeup box was cool, second stunk so I sent it back and got a refund. Then I tried accessories which I thought I was going to not like too much bc all tithe reviews I saw the stuff was not name brand and looked cheap. Well, my box was actually quite fab! Lol I don't use that word often but it really was a great box. I have the reviews up on my blog if u want to check them out. Then I decided to try the intimates bc I rly don't have a lot of cute undies or socks etc. I actually got an intimates box to review from them. I loved it more than any of the other boxes. I got muk luk tights but I love those slipper sox. Anyway, I just ordered another intimates box when they had the BOGO sale on cyber Mon. I should b getting that intimates box any day. Now I need to decide what box I want with my free credit! I'll prob pick intimates again but might go with accessories one more time.
    Thanks for the review. And like I said, if u want to see my boxes they're up on my wordpress blog Budget Beauty.

  2. I got the Muk Luks in my box too and actually already wore them yesterday. Love love love my box. I got the BOGO sale was only planning to get the two intimate boxes (I already get the makeup box) but if they keep being this good I'll have to stick around.