Thursday, December 5, 2013

November Tique Box

One of the boxes I was really excited about getting in November was Tique Box , so when they kindly offered me the opportunity to review their fall box I was super happy...this box is right up my alley, combining two of my favorite type boxes...hand crafted goods from local artisans (in this case Portland)
This box sales for $24.95 bringing the best of hand crafted 
Portland right to your door.

This was my first peek into my box, but let me tell you what I experienced when I opened this first I asked hubby if he was making me a cup of coffee (I drink coffee all day and even decaf at night so it was a valid question)
i realized that the heavenly aroma was coming from this delightful little box... and I couldn't find the coffee (beans) fast enough... want to make me happy...send me coffee!

Tique Box includes an info sheet that offers brief info on the product you have received, but the real treasure of information is on their webpage and blog... they do an in depth get to know the makers so you can really get to know them and get a sense of why they created this particular item (or at least I do when I read it...but I love that kind of stuff)

This box that I am reviewing is the Fall Box, as of the first of December the Winter Box is being sold (I for one can't wait to see what's in it...)

OK, let's see what I got besides Coffee beans that had me so excited...

Saucy Beast Habango sauce-$3.60- This is a delicious Mango Habanero sauce,  I personally love the combination of mango and habanero peppers so I was excited to try this sauce, it was wonderful...ordering some for my daddy too.

Pinkleton's Curious Caramel Corn (salted vanilla flavor) $8.00- this was a pretty awesome popcorn.Salted caramel will always get my attention but they add madagascar vanilla as well which just sends it over the top!

Vance Family Soy Candles (pineapple coconut) $12.99- I LOVE the scent of this candle, although I am not sure it fits with the "fall theme" that being said, I don't care about it fitting with the fall theme...I want more of these candles!looking at their website they have about 20 different scents in a wide variety of sizes and candle types. This candle is a 6oz candle in a tin. I plan to try several scents in the 2 oz size to determine which I want to get in the really nice styles....this candle was the entire purpose of the introduce me to handcrafted goods I would never know about otherwise...and here I am making a purchase of 5 candles already and planning to order more...THIS is why small boxes like Tiqe that introduce you to local artisans are the perfect box for me.

Sellwood Coffee Co.(Nicaragua coffee)- $5.50- looks like they only have a couple coffees, and that's OK do something and do it don't have to have a bunch to choose from (trust me, a coffee lover knows what they like and it isn't vanilla coffee beans) from what I can tell they have quite the following, the coffee was very good. The instruction sheet I received was for french press coffee so that is how I plan to make this. I currently have the beans in my freezer (whole, never grind until you are ready to actually use) I have a french Press(from a Bespoke post box),but it is unfortunately one of my christmas gifts from Tuffy so I can't use it yet...I want to experience this coffee the way the company intended me to since coffee tastes differently depending on brew method. The aroma of these beans were very enticing when I opened the box.

Portland Button Works $2.00- these are cute tourist type buttons, not really "my thing" but I know little button like this are popular right now especially from a tourist perspective. They had a lot of cute and unusual ones in their Etsy shop that were not about Portland as well if you like buttons you should go check them out.

Portland Beard Oil $1.00, I gave this a dollar price because I could not find a sample from this company online, only one size is available and that is a 1 ounce bottle for $20...I don't think there is much in this foil packet so I called it a dollar... anyways...we received the "timber" scent so I am allergic to it (no pine/evergreen tree oil for me) plus my hubby doesn't have a beard. I will pass this on to a friend of the family who does have quite the beard.

All totaled, my Tique Box was valued at $33.09. Which is pretty cool since I got all this but also discovered great handmade items from Portland and it only costs $24.95 a month. I would have NEVER discovered on my own! I can't wait to see what secrets their next box holds for those of us not living in Portland. I received this box almost a month ago and just had not got to doing the review, I did see with boxes that were release later there was an extra item in some and some had handmade cards instead of the candles... so the values may differ slightly on those boxes I am positive they were all a great value.

Want to give  Tique Box , or just play around on the webpage or blog to see more info about the artisans they feature just click  HERE

***this box was received free of charge for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own and as always, I was not financially compensated fro this review in anyway***

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