Friday, December 13, 2013

November olio luxe/ Ponteliev November subscription review

Everyone knows that my hands down favorite subscription box is from Olio Luxe (which is now called Ponteliev, I mentioned this and the expansion of the brands products last month) so saying that this box was one of my favorite boxes in November would be easy to predict (for the record Sparaj was my fav box in November)

Amanda at Olio Luxe/ Ponteliev always puts her heart and soul into making these boxes for us and I knew that this one would be extra special with hints of the new line and reminders of how we all fell in love with Olio Luxe in the first place...I was not disappointed...

Sandalwood & Tuberose Moisture Balm (full sized) $16.00- For those of you who love the Deep Stick moisture sticks this is for is even more moisturizing though, but the scent is much lighter (not a bad thing, but just something to note) Oh and my dogs are crazy for the stuff..I put it on and they come running to lick my hands (this is a moisture balm for hands AND body) this will quickly become a fav for sure it is even a scent that hubb and Tuffy can use.

also included was a cute little magnet with the new Ponteliev logo on it.

Mini polish $5.00- this is a beautiful color (I don't think the colors are named yet)this is a dark but sheer microglitter (if that makes sense) it is beautiful..and I actually do not have a similar polish (shocking, I know) I am thoroughly enjoying the new polish expansion that we have been seeing (and trust me there is much more to come)

Hot Cocoa lip balm $6.00- This is the lip balm that I have come to love from Olio Luxe, but a bit "beefed up" for winter other and improved (although I still love the shine lip balms as well, this one isn't as shiny but is sooo moisturizing) Lip came in a cute little lip pot for this months subscribers...I thought that was a cute touch.

Anti Aging face serum roller ball $19.00- sadly I have not started using this just yet...I am in the middle of testing another serum so I need to wait until I finish that review period up before I start using this so I can fairly evaluate each separately.

Holiday ornament/trinket- bonus item for subscribers, I love that we usually  get some whimsical  little pick me up mood changer.

the total value of the November Olio Luxe / ponteliev  subscription was $46.00, a great deal with the cost of the box being just $22 .00...

Olio Luxe/ Ponteliev WILL NOT be creating a December  Subscription Box, they did take pre orders for holiday gift sets and sold out on those as well I believe.

At this time the old Olio Luxe webpage has been closed, they will reopen in 2014 under the Ponteliev name as an Etsy shop.

Please follow along on their FaceBook Page to make sure you don't miss out on the upcoming goodies from Ponteliev.

Olio Luxe FaceBook Page

Ponteliev facebook page

I will be posting reviews of the Holiday boxes from Olio Luxe/Ponteliev over the next few weeks (first one tomorrow)

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