Saturday, December 7, 2013

November From The Lab

From The Lab is one of those subscriptions that I look forward to each month, because I never know what they will have for me but I KNOW it will be a great product that isn't available for purchase in the US just yet, and high end stuff at that!

For those who are unfamiliar with From the Lab here is what they have to say directly from their webpage...
  • What is From the Lab?

    Our beauty editors and advisors meet with the top cosmetic labs in the world to bring you small, limited lab runs of the most innovative beauty products up to 18 months before they’re in retail stores.
  • What types of products can I expect?

    Each month, you will receive a full, 30-day supply of one, two, or three products of Skincare, Hair Care, or Color Cosmetics. Every product that you receive is a luxury product, not yet available on the US market, with a projected retail value of $40-$200. These products often have patented ingredients, are manufactured in Europe by the top labs, and are more innovative than what’s available on the US market today.
  • How do you determine the efficacy of your products?

    We work with the best cosmetic labs around the world to ensure that our products deliver quality, luxury and cutting-edge science. Key actives and ingredients are clinically tested to ensure stability and compatibility, and our products are formulated to provide the most effective concentrations of the most innovative compounds and actives available.

I have received all of the boxes that from the lab has created since they launched and the products are usually great, and always something I am excited to try, this is easily the most affordable way to try the newest developments in the world of beauty and skincare.

From The Lab sends 1 to 3 items every month, I have received everything from makeup (well primers) to hair care, and LOTS of skincare items so far!

The cost right now is $19.95 (but will be going up to $24.95 soon, the lower rate is for their "founding members" plus $5.95 in shipping, so I pay $24.95 a month...if you think you will be wanting this in the future I would lock in the lower rate while you can.

so this month is ALL about this rare magic mushroom and what it does for your skin (and it was a two product month again...woo hoo ...)

Face Serum # 591- first off I was very happy to see a face serum this month , I am still playing around with serum to find the perfect one for me...I am very happy with the one I have been using but totally ready to try this one because all I have read makes this sound like the holy grail of serums!

Face Cream #590- Let me start by saying this is the second face cream that From the Lab has sent me and the previous one is on my top 10 all time products EVER received in a subscription box so it will be very difficult to convince me to change from that one which I absolutely love (although I didn't at first, my initial review was so so I went back and posted a follow up saying how wonderful it really was which is why I want to use this for 6 weeks straight before deciding on this one and I will post those findings around the first of February.

As we are talking about my love for the previous face cream, I should point out that although the items you receive from the lab are not available for purchase commercially members can purchase replacements from the from the lab webpage...but ONLY member s can make this purchase... that alone will keep me subscribed because I NEED my face cream!

I will be starting the items from this collection on the 15th (I chose that date out of the air, but I want a "hard date" to start my little experiment...I will stop using my regular items and use both of these instead and report back my findings. I will also be using these products on the tops of my hands as well as face and neck as suggested to see , I will use before and after photos when I post the findings)

It seems that the two items included in this month's From The Lab are expected to retail for over $200 when they are finally released to the is that fr value on a box that is just under $25 total with shipping?

If you want to subscribe, just look around the webpage and find out more about them, just click HERE

Sorry at this time there are no discount codes because they are doing the discounted memberships of $19.95 instead of the $24/95 at this time (no code required)

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