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November Five Four Club (men's clothing subscription box) Review

My hubby get s a few boxes every month, but I think one that he "stalks" the most is Five Four Club Clothing For Men, he isn't the "go shopping and try on clothes" kind of guy, but he definitely likes to look nice and on trend, Five Four Club kindly sent this box for review purposes.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Five Four Club, let me do a little explanation before we dive into this box
 I think he has been getting 
Five Four Club every month since June, so we have really had a chance to see how it changes with the seasons. One thing I was very impressed with was the email they sent us just after the October Box shipped and asked if hubby wanted cool weather clothes or warm weather clothes (since we are in Texas they wanted to check before sending winter clothing...which was very considerate of them since some people need new winter clothing here in Texas...hubby likes to update his wardrobe whenever the need arises so we decided to go with cool weather boxes....hubby was hoping for a new jacket or two...looks like he got his wish. 

When you join Five Four Club you will fill out a style quiz that is simple but gets to the nitty gritty of what your man likes and his sizes in various items. The box could include anything from clothing, shoes, jackets and accessories from the in house Five Four brand of up to date clothing styles for your man.

so what comes in the box you ask? well that depends and will varies from month to month.... Five Four Club uses a "point system" to determine the quantity of items that will actually be in the box (points are based on the dollar value in general of a certain type of article) I will list the "points breakdown" below... all boxes are guaranteed to be valued at over $100 no matter how many items are actually in the box in the box ....with me so far???

All packages are made up of a point system. For $60/month, you are given 10 points. Each product category has a set point value. The following is the breakdown. Every month you will receive a package comprised of items that will equal up to 10 points. All packages will give you an automatic discount up to 75% off of retail.

8 points = jackets
6 points = denim, pants, shorts, shoes, sweatshirts, knit jackets, sunglasses, cardigans, bags
4 points = polo’s, button downs, lightweight sweatshirts, long sleeve Henley’s, pullover sweaters
2 points = fashion tees, graphic tees & short sleeve Henley’s
1 points = socks

This is a Five Four Club exclusive faux leather jacket (called Lucas on their website) it sells for $120.00,  the cost of the monthly subscription service is $60.00 each month so that's a GREAT value, the jacket sells for double the cost of the box. now not everyone received this jacket this month...remember the "points system" above...this is actually the first box he has ever received that just had one item in it (and we are thrilled with the one it and would actually like to see more jacket...or the greenfield sweater/cardigan that he received last month in a different color would make him ecstatic...he LOVES that sweater...I may need to break down and order some for him....which reminds me, all members get 25% off of purchases from the online shop (and sometimes emails with 50% off codes)

If you are still looking for some last minute gift ideas for hubby, son, boyfriend,son in law, or I guess even you dad if you have a cool dad, or the coworker you drew in the office gift exchange and you don't know anything about them... give them the gift of their very own personal stylist... you just pay the $60 and that's it... your gift recipient will do the questionnaire (or if you are like me I do  hubby's questionnaire for him,) he told me about 2 months ago to change it up some the looks were too casual so I changed his profile to "dress to impress" and he is happy... and we can always change it around again when he is ready for a change again....

****new offer new subscribers will get an extra free shirt added to their box if you subscribe by 12/19/13***

Give the gift they will not want to return this HERE for more information, to shop in their online store or to sign up for a subscription.

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