Tuesday, December 24, 2013

November Bluum 30 months social butterfly

This morning as I was going through my stack of boxes trying to catch up I came across two Blumm boxes (eek...I never reviewed November) So today I will be knocking out both of them hopefully...This is the November Bluum box (which was a boy 30 months old the social butterfly)

The first peek into the box, books....we like books....

Priddy Books Puzzle Town in the city $10.50- Tuffy really likes the book/puzzle combo of this type book. Since this has lots of cars in it he will be over the moon...what is NOT to love about a book and puzzle in one?!?

End Of the Rainbow fruit salad (kitchen club kids) $13.98- I really like this book, and want more of this series...how great is a book series for kids that includes a recipe for kids in each book, teaches health eating habits, lots of learning opportunities (and love the illustrations) I need to find more of this series.

Baby Legs- Edward $12.00- I am really trying to become a fan of babylegs,and I think if I had discovered them when Tuffy was younger I would be their biggest fan...Tuffy is just yesterday 2 and 1/2 BUT he is very big for his age (he is bigger than most 4 yr olds we know)so babylegs just are not "our thing" right now because they really are too small for him...that being said I do let him run around the house in his undies and a shirt most of the time since we are still working on potty training (he is trained now, but has very little "warning time" so not wearing pants helps tremendously...so when he is cold I put some babylegs on him and that keeps him from getting too chilly and he doesn't have to take them off to get on the potty... I just wish they made them a little larger.

Boogie Wipes Boogie mist (grape) $5.99- I was kinda glad to see this is the box since I love boogie Wipes, but had not tried the boogie mist yet...Tuffy often has nasal congestion from his allergies so this will be put to the test ASAP!

Clairvoyant Beauty soothing lavender lip balm- $10.00- OK, I am a lip balm fanatic...I have never denied that...but I don't know about the $10 price tag o this...it better be dang good...my favorite is only $6.00 (also organic, but handmade) This is going in my stocking (yes, I do my own stocking mostly, although this year I participated in a stocking stuffer exchange with my a the FB sub box group I am part of so thanks to my secret santa I have some awesome stocking stuffers including a hand made scarf and hat)

Total Value of this November Bluum Box is $52.47, an awesome value since the box is $24.95 a month and it is all stuff I will use (yes, I would rather have something besides baby legs BUT my son is larger than your average 31 month old so I completely see how baby legs would be in this box...and we WILL use them)
Bluum may not always have the WOW factor, but it is consistently the box that I use everything from the box and introduces me to brands and items that become staples in our house,

You can try Bluum for your munchkin for 50% off  (just $12.48 for the box) by clicking HERE, no code required.

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  1. We use Boogie Wipes but never knew there was a Boogie Mist. I'll have to be on the lookout for that at the store!