Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Wantable intimates box

One of the boxes I was stalking during the ice storm that kept me without mail for 5 days was my "extra" Wantable Intimates Box. I loved my November box so much that the same day (maybe the next day) I had them ship me another right then instead of waiting until the end of the month when I usually get a box (I will still get that one as well so this was really just an extra Intimates box) People ask me which of the Wantable boxes is my favorite...and that's hard to say,because I love all 3 (makeup,intimates,and accessories), but at the moment I think the Intimates is my favorite (defiantly for this month, I have NEVER ordered a second box from any company because of a certain item before) This box was even better than the one I got a couple weeks ago! As I have said before the longer you have Wantable the better your boxes get because as you tweak your profile answers (or send things back if necessary) they are making notes in your account...whatever their algorithm for matching products to members is they should licence it and sell it to other companies...they are THAT good with their "picks" for members.

Bella + Canvas Hoodie $38.00- when I saw my box I was pretty sure the hoodie was inside because it was buldging and tape holding it shut (it was the larger of the Wantable boxes,those who get Wantable know what I am talking about since there are a couple different size boxes) It was obvious that this box was beyond STUFFED. I had seen a couple photos of ladies who got the hoodie in my facebook box group, I just "knew" it was in my box. It's comfy, warm and fits just the way I like it (a bit big, I do not like tight things on my upper body) I love that Wantable "gets" that when "I" say lounge-wear for my intimates box I want comfy not necessarily "sexy" which is what I originally feared when they launched the intimates box (that is what "adult" boxes are for)...this is for me and my comfort, although some ladies want their lounge-wear to be more sexy...and that's OK too...Wantable has them covered as well (I have seen some really cute little Betsy Johnson nighties in a few boxes) it is all about YOUR style and what you are looking for.

Muk Luks Nordic wonder slipper socks (chianti) $24.00- These slipper socks are THE reason I ordered the extra box this month...I was hoping that I would get another pair...and I did (and even in a different color/pattern) these are so comfortable, I almost forget I am wearing them. Typically I choose to wear warm fuzzy socks instead of my slippers because they are more comfortable (plus I have Raynaud's which effects the circulation in hands and feet so they are always cold to the point of changing color to a purplish blue at times so even in a Texas summer I wear warm fuzzy preferably knee high socks) The best things about these are I get the feel of a warm fuzzy sock plus the added support and protection of a slipper sole which my Dr and my husband often remind me that I can not go barefoot and wearing socks only is pretty much the same thing...these are a great compromise that to be honest I never knew about slipper socks... are they a Muk Luks exclusive? I already plan on ordering more of them...lots more. If you are not lucky enough to get a pair of these in your Wantable box then order some, right now I think Muk Lucks is on Zuily or order from their site... whatever you do  just go get you some of these...this is seriously a "where have you been all my life" product...

Ozone Socks (basket weaved cuffed over the knee socks) $13.00- These are seriously adorable, I love the fold over cuff and that it is a different color for contrast. I have always had socks as a "love" for my wantable boxes and always get a pair of socks (well,maybe once I didn't) I also get a sock of the month subscription,so it is safe to say I am "into" socks...these are a great brand that offers super cute designs and are very comfortable.

St. Eve seamless boyshort $9.00 - I have changed my profile up a bit to only include boyshorts for awhile when undies are sent, I have them as a "like" not a "love" so I doubt I will get them every month and that is the way I want it... I don't mind getting new undies (especially now that I canceled my undie subscriptions) but I want some fun other things as well... these are cute,fun,fit well and just my style.

The total value of my Wantable Intimates Box was $84.00, which is a great deal with the box costing $36 a month. I mean I got a great hoodie, slippers,socks,and undies...all great brands shipped to my door and it all fits my style and personality perfectly, kinda like having a personal shopper without the big expense...If I had to cut back and just get a few boxes every month this one would defiantly be one I kept... seriously give Wantable a try (remeber they have Makeup, Acessories,and this one Intimates) I have reviewed all of them here just use the search field on the right to pull all things Wantable)

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