Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December Stork Stack

As I am doing a mad rush to get my reviews caught up before the holidays I suddenly realized that I still have a few of Tuffy's boxes that need to be wrapped for his Christmas gifts so I need to get them reviewed so I can hand off to hubby to wrap...the first up is Stork Stack. For those who don't know Stork Stack is $27.99 a month (price goes down with a multiple month subscription) and ships the first business day of the month so it is one of the first boxes we get every month. Tuffy is 30 months, and o this box he is not aged up so they send according to his real age.

a first look into our box, looks like some fun items for my munchkin to make some noise (lots of boxes have been doing musical instruments, so we have an entire band now I think)

Cloud B Gentle Giraffe soothing puppet $24.95- I had never seen these before, but they are pretty cool... these have a spot for a hot/cold pack inside them to sooth your little one (how perfect will that be in August when it is 112 degrees) A cute little hand puppet to play with and a nice warm or more importantly around here a COOL stuffy to snuggle up with plus perfect for soothing bumps and bruises.Thanks to boxes Tuffy is getting a couple cloud B products for Christmas.

mini Edutile (numbers) 10 pc $12.75- we have a couple sets of alphabet tiles, but not numbers so this will be a nice addition to Tuffy's tiles (now to keep the dogs from eating them)

Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes for kids 10 ct -$6.89- umm, I just don't understand how these fit into the box..but OK.. I don't think Tuffy needs a "foot wipe" but I will keep these in my bag for when he just needs to be wiped down, they smell really nice so I like them better than baby wipes (it says grapefruit scent)

Melissa & Doug Wooden Kazoo -$5.92- As I mentioned above we have received quite a few musical instruments recently in various boxes, I like that Tuffy gets to be musically creative but I will be honest the musical instruments are not kept with the rest of his toys I keep them in a separate little box...noise control, you know...he gets them when he asks or when I pull them out for him. 

LARABAR Uber roasted nut roll- $1.14- this is the "mommy item" for this month, I actually had forgotten it was in there until just now, I will toss this in my stocking. I haven't tried this and remember now that I was looking forward to it since it is a salty sweet combination (my favorite)

all totaled my December Stork Stack was valued at $51.65. This may not have been my favorite Stork Stack BUT the value was great since it is $27.99 for a month...definitely got my money's worth.Sometimes with subscription boxes you love a month and sometimes you don't. This wasn't a BAD month, just not my favorite (although I think Tuffy will disagree, I have a feeling HE will love the Giraffe and the Kazoo)

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