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December Sparaj Box review


This month Sparaj Box used cute little reindeer cutouts to adorn the tissue paper covering the box

I was pleasantly surprised that my Sparaj Box arrived yesterday, I had just received tracking the day before so I wasn't expecting it until next week. Last month Sparaj was actually my favorite box so I couldn't wait to see what was going to be in the December box (for some reason I just assume all December boxes will be spectacular...even though so far most boxes are not living up to the hype in my imagination)

***I will not be including prices in this review, I was unable to successfully locate all the prices and figure the currency exchange on the items only for purchase in Taiwan***

***let me add in here that I had several photos of this month's pretty paper wrappings, but somehow they were deleted and it was too late to recreate it since the paper was already opened.***

One of the things about Sparaj Box so far (pre launch, launch and now this box) is that they include reusable canvas bags...previously little mini totes, this month a bright red beach type tote (my younger daughter loves this bag, and called "dibs" and she SELDOM cares about my box stuff because she isn't into "girl stuff") 
This tote is much roomier, and can be slung over your shoulder...perfect size for an afternoon at the pool (yes I am thinking of summer's Texas we go from Christmas to "warm" and then to "hot" then "over 110" with very little in between)

Sparaj as with most boxes include an info card, I really like the ones from Sparj, they have beautiful photography on them and give a pretty good amount of information about the items in the box.

The Sparaj canvas tote bag, this is the perfect size to throw over your shoulder when out for the afternoon to the pool or park.

Botanique CandyShop Lolly Pop Diffuser- this is an adorable take on your basic reed diffuser, don't let the "candy" appearance fool you the scent is definitely has a bit floral to it (but not much) and spice,perhaps some sandalwood...very complex scent, totally in contrast to the "lolly pop" scent your brain thinks you should smell... at first I wasn't to happy about this because it looked like something you would put in the baby's nursery, but it really is growing on me now that I can smell it. 

Nature Republic Foot & Nature Peeling Foot Mask- this intrigues me... you place the "mask" over your freshly cleansed foot and leave it on for 60 - 90 minutes and then wash off...then 4 to 7 DAYS AFTER you "did the mask" your "foot calluses will start to peel off" the peeling continues for 3 to 5 days after it starts (so up to 12 days after the mask your feet are still feeling from that one application) I don't have calloused feet so I don't know that using this will do me any good (it seems there is more written in various other languages, I assume all Asian languages since it is symbols in all of the different "instruction variations" but in English that's all I I will see if a close family member or friend with callouses will be willing to try it, if not then I will try it anyway and tell ya'll about it because this one defiantly has captured my interest...this is WHY I love Sparaj Box because I get to discover and try things from different cultures that I would never even know about without this box.

Face It Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack- this seems to be a "deep conditioner" for your nails and cuticles...kinda like a hot paraffin wax treatment you get in a salon (actually I have a paraffin wax machine here at home since moist heat helps with my painful joints) it appears that little "fingertip condom" like things have the paraffin film and it absorbs into your skin, I assume the heat from your body would melt the film and then you just rub it in. I will try this when I change my polish later this week.

Soapbox scent of Bangkok natural handmade soap-patchouli,cinnamon,and neroli blended to create a distinctive scent that is long lasting and oddly soothing....I may have to get more of this soap, I was shocked to discover how much I liked this. I get a LOT of handmade soaps in various boxes and it takes a lot to make me want to go BUY more of a certain one since I know I have a basket full of them next to the bathtub...but this is THAT nice,relaxing and strangely calming...hmmm...very unlike me to be drawn to this scent..but whatever works I guess...

I really do not know the total "value" of this months box since I was having issues with reading prices and then the conversion as well...but I definitely think I got my money's worth. The cost of the Sparaj Box is $40 a month (price decreases with a multiple month subscription) you can also use code "DRAGONSLAYER2013"  which will take $5.00 off your first month.

Something to note is that Sparaj box is NOT a recurring payment... you subscribe each is not automatic, so now that I have my December Sparaj Box I have to go back in and order the January box if I decide you NEVER get an "oops" charge (gotta love that) you can however do a 3 or 6 month prepaid subscription if you would like so you don't have to worry about remembering to resubscribe.

I love that the 
Sparaj Box is not only a pampering spa box, but it is a box specifically created with products found across Asia that I would never stumble across unless I went to Asia myself...I am really into discovering as much as I can about other cultures and that includes all aspect of daily, shopping, and the products that are commonly used (especially snacks and lotions) This is a great way to get a bit of pampering downtime to yourself, while learning a bit about other countries...who wouldn't love that...

If you are someone who really needs to see prices to decide if the value is there for you, I can read my review of the November Sparaj box HERE that once I was able to get correct currency exchange conversions (and the box value was more than double the cost box) 

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