Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Silly Rhino Review and giveaway

December Silly Rhino for the 2-3 yr old boys (lot's of goodies)
Silly Rhino is still a relatively new box (this is month 3), but it has a;ready become a favorite in our house . Tuffy naturally likes it, but this one has captured my hubby's attention...he likes to see the unique blue and white box arrive. This is a box he and I open together (typically Tuffy isn't in room when I open his boxes so that I can photograph them before he runs off with something) I can't give much higher praise than saying my hubby knows what the box looks like, when it arrives,and that is wants to be present when it is opened AND he asks about it throughout the month (like asking for spoilers,or what other ages got in their hubby is NOT into boxes but he asks about this one)
I just love the Silly Rhino's rhino and all the places he pops up.

I just love the little rhino and his tick bird, so cheerful. Tuffy recognizes this as "marking" his box

first look...something is missing

the Rhino was missing, remove the ribbon and there is the rhino

first look

adorable info card

first look at the goodies...I spy a super zero...eeekkk Tuffy will LOVE
OK, let's look at all the items (before Tuffy wakes from a nap)

apatosaurus puzzle by geared for imagination $11.99- this is a cute 3D puzzle, once completed you have an actual standing #D dinosaur...Tuffy is crazy about dinosaurs...we are getting a family membership to the museum of science and history because Dinosaurs fascinate him, and why they are all gone....perhaps a little Paleontologist in the making.

**use code"SILLYRHINO" for exclusive 20% off the entire website, use link above***

wash Mitt By Rich Frog  $ 4.95-$5.95 depending on which bathmit, my owl is $4.95, my aunt collects owls, so Tuffy has developed a thing about owls as this, we always need more bath mits, and this one is quite adorable.

little fella clip on bow tie by tater tot $9.00- OMG this is just too stinkin' cute! Tuffy dose not have a bow tie (he did last winter but he out grew it....Love this and wearing blue works since he looks best in blue and gray....I am so glad this is in the box...I would not have bought one, but  Anna @ Silly Rhino must read minds!!!

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Bath Tub Pals by begin again $4.00- we received these in the October crowded tub box, Tuffy enjoys these a lot...the turtle is a repeat,the cute blow fish is not.... but I will send the new turtle to my mom's house to have one there as well. Tuffy loves playing with these bathtub pals, and I love that they are safe,and that they don't "hold" water so no worry about ickyness.

Ze super Zeros plush toy by geared for imagination$24.99- LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this!!!!Tuffy is very into super heros, we have a couple cape; that he and I wear through out the day...this company sells a super zero story book kit (with cape it appears) as well...
Super Zeros are hero friends whos super powers and problems blend. They have their pluses and minus too, they are super special just like you! The Super Zeros teach children that each of us has things that we are good at and things that challenge us - it is what makes us each unique! This Super Zeros Gift Set includeds a Hard Cover 'lift-the'flap' book that tells the story of the Super Zeros, a music CD that includes exclusive songs and book narration and a child sized cape so your child can join the Super Zeros team! Also see the Super Zeros plush characters and learn more @ ordering one for Tuff on payday (Friday)

***use code"SILLYRHINO" for exclusive 20% off the entire website, use link above***
this is just a back view of the Super Zero's cape....just too darn cute!

All totaled the retail value of this Silly Rhino box was $59.93.The monthly price for Silly Rhino is $35.99, so this is a great deal in addition to being so darn cute. THe price does go down with multiple month subscriptions as well, you can purchase the month to month option, a 3 month subscription,or a six month subscription. just click HERE and use code 'SILLY10" for 10% off your first order.This would make an absolutely GREAT last minute gift idea.

Now the BEST part...

The folks over at silly Rhino kindly offered a box to giveaway for  the readers here on the Dragon Slayer Mommy...just enter the raffle copter below (giveaway ends 01/19/ birthday)


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  2. My favorite item this month has to be that bow tie! I would love to see more books in the future <3

  3. We loved the travel pillow/ blanket set from last month's box.

  4. I really want to win this! Love the puzzle!

  5. I <3 the bath toys! We would love some of those! :)

  6. love the super zero and would love to see alphabet blocks

  7. The super zero was the cutest thing in the world! I would like to see a box for elementary aged kids, too!. Big sisters and brothers don't want to be left out!

  8. The bow tie was adorable. I'd love to try silly rhino.

  9. the puppet from last month was adorable!

  10. I would like to see clothing items in the future.

  11. I love the superheroes... they're awesome!

  12. I Love The Dino Puzzle!!! Right Up Our Alley! I Would Like To See More Art Related Products My Little Guy Is Getting Into Crayons And I would Love To Try Finger-paints That Are Ok To Use Without Having To Do The Research Hehe