Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Julep Classic with a twist review and free box code

Once again it is time to discuss my polish obsession! Yes, this is my second JULEP review this week...I got two different monthly boxes this month. Seriously, I should have just upgraded and got the entire set..but NEEDED two eyeshadow palettes so this was the cheaper way to go.

This is a review of the December Classic With A Twist Box (see my review of the December BoHo glam box HERE)

Ok on to my pretty little polishes!

Sweep Eyeshadow Pallette:Neutrals- this is the same eye shadow that was in my other box and the reason I got two boxes this month... not gonna give away my gift plan but it was imperative that I have two of these palettes of pretty brown neutral eye shadows (actually I have a few others that are very similar...good thing because I actually needed 4 of them)

Jillian-this is described as a deep eggplant with a molten shimmer... this is a bit darker than I thought it was going to be...I expected more of a purple's got more reddish rust perhaps...I like it either way, is a great color,just not what I thought it was going to be.

Mia- this is a silver metallic with a green is STUNNING! I am using it right now as an accent color with Misti but can't wait to see what it looks like on it's own...I will say it seems to be less "greenish" up against the blue/grey of Misty...but I can definitely see it in the bottle so perhaps alone it will pop the green...I LOVE THIS POLISH!

Sparkle Hair ties set of 2- $6.00- as I said in the BoHo review, I always need new hair ties...never gonna turn them down and these were different colors than I received in that box to even better!

the total value of the JULEP December box was $58.00 and of course is just $19.95. One of the best things about a Julep Maven subscription is that you can  pause,skip or cancel at anytime you you never "get stuck" paying for something you do not want, can't afford or simply do not they have 5 different boxes to choose from every month and YOU get to pick which one you want that you can do add ons for greatly reduced prices (again to see what I mean see the BOHO glam review from this month here)

OK...the absolute BEST part of can get your first box for free...just pay shipping (about $3.00) and you still get to choose which box you want to get just click  HERE and enter the code "FREEBOX" at is that for a nice easy inexpensive Christmas gift marked off your list ?!?

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