Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Julep BoHo Glam plus add on

One of the boxes that "started it all" fr me was Julep Maven nail polish subscription service. I have ALWAYS been a polish nut ,but since I worked in healthcare for a couple decades I couldn't wear polish on my hands except when I was off (weekends,vacations, stuff like that) I did ALWAYS have some killer pedicures though. One of the first things I did after becoming disabled was to start doing my nails again. I only owned two polishes when I went out on Disability (March 2012) I now have somewhere between 75 and 100 polishes...possibly more since I have a lot of boxes that I haven't out away yet. Needless to say I LOVE my polish and I can't get enough evidently.
Julep is perfect for building your polish collection, and now that they are adding more skin and beauty items it actually is good to cover building your entire beauty collection...but Polish is what got me hooked!

Now that I have said all of that, it will come as no surprise that I have two Julep accounts...it's not as bad as it sounds...I do have daughters you know...anyway I have a BoHo Glam account and a Classic with a twist account...This month I am actually going to review both of the boxes...I typically don't but this month they are both just THAT pretty...you need to see both.

I decided to do it in two separate posts because that was my mind set as I bought them, opened them and fell in love with them...as in yes I will gift an eyeshadow palette but I am keeping the polish....mine all mine!

Sweep Eyeshadow Palette:neutrals $24.00 normal price $19.20 maven pricing- This is THE season for the neutral colored palette...normally I would LOVE to see a nice neutral earth tone palette in almost ANY box...but since we have seen them in almost every box I currently have more than I can use or gift....BUT, I am NOT complaining...I plan to put some aside for next year when things go back to "normal" and I am wishing I could get some neutral colors in my boxes...These WILL be used!

Misti $14.00/$11.20- This is a beautiful smokey blue- grey creme (and I think perhaps the only creme this month...I know it stood out because everything around it was glitter/halo/shimmer) This is seriously the perfect color for this time of year (that being said much of my Christmas decor is silver and blue)

Joelle $14.00/$11.20- speaking of silver... I can't tell you how pretty this smokey holographic glitter is. I am actually doing my nails after this review and I am doing a mani with Misti and Joelle...

Sparkle Hair Ties (set of 2) $6.00/$4.80- I am a sucker for hair ties, I lose them all the time so I am always in need of more it seems...thankfully boxes like to use them as "extras" and that is what this was...the bonus item...not a complaint from me... I need them, and I don't have any in these colors anymore so yea!

The total value of the December Julep Maven BoHo Glam box came to $58.00 non maven price/$46.40 for maven members if you purchase items individually.The cost of the box is a simple $19.95 (and shipping for ALL orders once you are a maven member is always free...I often place an order or two during the month in addition to my monthly collection so the free shipping does add up)

Ok...you know I had to have one of those add ons...

Ceila $14.00/$11.20- my photo does NOT do this beauty justice...she is an icy green metallic chrome...and I had to add it on... this will be one I wear a lot ...I love that you can "add on" to your box each month at special pricing...this one was $4.99 to add on.

OK...BEST PART...YOU CAN TRY ALL THIS FOR FREE...yep, just pay shipping of just under $4.00 and you pick which collection you want (your colors, or all polish no makeup, or even all makeup and no polish)...for FREE... just click HERE...and use code "FREEBOX" at checkout..it's that simple...you can skip any month you want, and can cancel at anytime...in fact Julep is one of the most flexible subscription on the market!

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