Monday, December 16, 2013

December from the lab

last week my December From The Lab arrived, I was always am curious to see what these brilliant folks have come up with for their subscribers but this month I was ever more anxious to see what it was than normal. Ever since we received out last month's shipment of From The Lab they have been "teasing" us with hints about this months breakthrough in skincare.

we were told that the active ingredient would have Neodermyl in it and that this ingredient was named 2013's most innovative ingredient by cosmetic execs at a conference in Europe based on scientific studies.

Face Cream #594- this is the breakthrough product that industry insiders in Europe are all about, it is said to  diminish the signs of wrinkles as much as a collagen injection at a Dr's pain, no prescription,just apply at home...not just to you face, but also to your hands...

Ok, I will give it a try, if it is even half as good as it is said to be then I will be one very happy lady.

I will say that the first face cream that From The Lab sent back in July (face cream#578 & eye cream #579) is the best face cream I have ever used... From The Lab also sent a face cream and serum last month (face cream #590 and face serum #591) I haven't tried the one fro last month yet (November 2012) since I am still finishing up the Jul face cream (almost gone, I was ready to order more when November's box arrived with more so I haven't ordered )

It will take a pretty impressive face cream to get me to change from the one in July (# 578) but now my delima is do I try the november face cream or the December face cream (it isn't their fault that the full size products they send last longer than 30 days...and don't get me wrong...I LOVE that the products are full size and do not want that to change...but 3 full size face creams in 4 1/2  months is a lot and I just do know which to try next... 

I think I will try this one (face cream #594) when I finish #578 and have my mom try the November set of face cream and serum and then I can report on both of our results in a timely manner.

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