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December Bentley Premium box (launch box)

Last month I told you about a new children's box that was launching this holiday season, Bentley Box to refresh your memory Bentley Box has two box levels of boxes. The basic box is $33.00 a month and includes 4- 5 items based around a monthly them, the premium box is $75 a month , offers the same items as the basic box as well as 4 items of clothing.This box is for children aged 0-8 yrs old. You can read my interview with owner/creator Jaclyn Long HERE. If you order by Christmas then 10% will automatically be deducted form your total (no code needed) so you can get the basic box for just under $30 if you hurry.

I was super excited to see what would be included in Tuffy's Bentley Box since I knew one of the clothing brands this month was Warrior Poet and I am obsessed with WP. Bentley Box kindly offered this premium level box free of charge for review purposes. I was tracking this box all over the place (it went on quite the ride...and was stalled out in Rhode Island for almost a week)... I was very happy when it arrived a few days ago, the anticipation on the clothes was killing me (I have seriously been missing having a monthly clothing subscription for Tuffy since WittleBee.

The non clothing items are in every Bentley Box (of this age group,Tuffy is 30 months old) so this will show the basic box as well as the Premium box (basic + clothing)

The theme for this month is "We can shape the world" 

I really like the idea of including an art project but leaving it open to make the craft whatever YOU want it to be (I think I will let Tuff just "go to town" on the canvas and see what happens, maybe rotate the canvas every couple minutes to keep all one color being in one corner of the canvas (that's how he colors if I don't rotate the paper) The best part is that after this project is complete we still have the paint and the brushes for another time and we can pick up canvas for future projects to keep on hand)
One of my New Years resolutions is to do more planned craft items with Tuffy (and just myself) since I am NOT a crafty person this is a "big stretch" for me to accomplish this for the whole year BUT it is something I want to work on, so this was right on par for what we needed to get us off to a crafty start.

Pirate's Booty 0.5 oz $1.45 (that's what I pay at my local store for this size bag, much cheaper to buy in bulk BUT most of us pick this up as an impulse buy so I put the "impulse buy" at the register price) now that being said, I know this was meant to be a Tuffy snack, since this was a Tuffy box, but I am going to pretend this was the "mommy gift" in the box and enjoy this myself while watching some late night TV (as long as Tuffy never knows it's OK, right?)_

Ellison Organics -lego figurine soap for little hands 5ct $3.95 - we have actually received these soaps in a previous box from The Crowded Tub, but I was super happy to receive another bag of these... NOW I can give my nephew one pack for Christmas (I know he will love them,but they were so cute I wasn't wanting to give them up woohoo this just saved me from making that decision) These will be perfect soaps for Tuffs bathroom sink, just the perfect size for his little hands.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock $14.99- This clock is great toy that will be useful for teaching different things as Tuffy grows! Right now we can work on sorting colors and shapes, then we can work on recognizing numbers, putting numbers in the correct order, matching colors,and finally telling time (there are even markings for teaching things like a quarter past the hour,half past, etc...) I love when toys are something that can grow with a child over several years and this is just exactly that type of toy and since it is a Melissa & Doug wooden toy I know it is of good quality and will last so my grandkids can use (that isn't so long away... I DO have adult children AND a 10 month old grandson already so it's not like I mean Tuffy's kids...although that IS possible I guess, but I am SURE that we will have lost the pieces by then)

Threadless Tee $12.00 (I can't locate this exact shirt pattern,but $15 is a average price for this brand of Tee for toddlers) I always like to have a few fun threadless Tees for Tuffy (especially as a cute layering piece under a long sleeve button up worn open) These are fun building blocks for Tuffy's personality (he likes to pick his own shirts out, I let him pick T-shirts,but I pick everything else (even if the T-is hidden under a sweater he likes that HE picked it out)

this is as close up of the pattern on the Threadless Tee above, I thinks it's pretty cute,and something that he will love wearing(which is the point after all)
 I want to find a bright yellow shirt to pair it with (or maybe a white shirt and yellow socks, we like bright socks)

Warrior Poet,long sleeve $35.00- EEK!!!! I love this shirt!!! OK, I will admit I am a bit obsessed with Warrior Poet AND dragons (Ok, well it's a griffon technically BUT it LOOKS like a dragon to ME), so this shirt is like perfect! Oh, how I have missed getting Warrior Poet in the mail as a surprise (it's different when I order one and it comes in the mail...getting one in a subscription box is just "more special" I think...

This is a closeup photo of the Warrior Poet "Griffon" shirt... I already want to put this on Tuffy for tomorrow, BUT I am making the clothes part of his Christmas gifts so I have to wrap it (thankfully Christmas is just 2 days away...THEN he can wear it, maybe I will wash it BEFORE it's wrapped so he can wear it Christmas day)... I am all giddy over this shirt...totally love it!

Kiwi Industries - organic clothing for children

This set (shirt and pants) were sent as PJ's and I think they are great for PJ's I am happy to be able to try an new organic brand of clothing for Tuffy (we love Kate Quinn organic,but their shipping is just crazy and looking at the shipping on kiwi industries site is super reasonable so are the sale prices to try some of their clothing...super happy to have discovered this brand) I think I will be placing an order REAL soon!

goldenrod Tee with kiwi $24.00 sale price, regular price $32.00 - I couldn't find this EXACT shirt on the site, they had two shirts exactly like this in different color combinations so I went with that for the price. (this is "technically" the link/price for the kiwi/midnight colored shirt.

Karate Pants kiwi stripe $12.00 sale price, $30.00 regular price- These are perfect for pajama pants for Tuffy, he likes loose pajama legs and I like the soft feel of these the green yellow and white combination is great for a boy or a girl...very well done on picking the PJ's.

Lil" Buggie's Boutique $7.00 (I actually had to find a price on similar bibs from other places, because Lil" Buggie Boutique has no prices on their FB page so I went with Etsy store prices) boys received the Christmas Tie bib and little girls received holiday bows and $7.00 seems abut right for both from the prices I was able to find for similar designs. If you mention Bentley Box on Lil' Buggie's Facebook page you will get 20% off your order. (that is where the link takes you since they don't have a webpage)

All totaled the December Premium Bentley Box is valued at $117.14 and sales for$75, so you definitely get your money's worth... I am totally loving the clothes in this box (I have REALLY missed getting a monthly clothing box for Tuffy) I also think the non clothing part (the items included in the "basic" box were really great items that encourage creativity and hands on play)

remember if you order your Bentley Box by 12/25/13 then you will get 10% off your order with no discount code needed

The basic box (no clothing) is $33.00 a month and the premium box (with clothing) is $75.00 a month

What do you think of the new Bentley Box? 

Will you be ordering it?

***this product was received free of charge for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I did not receive payment for my review (nor will I ever)***

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