Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December Austin Lloyd review

The children's box I was most anticipation for the month of December was Austin Lloyd, I was really wanting to open my box and be blown away...AGAIN...when I reviewed Austin Lloyd last month, it was like someone had sat in my living room listening to us chat about what WE wanted to see in a box for Tuffy and then put it in the best packaging ever and shipped it to me to review... (to clarify, this month I am a paid subscriber)

On to the box (hey, I gotta move things along...can't wrap this box until the review is done and it is now 1 am Christmas morning...I have a few reviews to do so we can wrap the boxes and still a swing set to build tonight, wagon, bike and tractor already assembled (have I mentioned that Tuff is a tad spoiled)

HABA Color Buttons $47.99- this is a color buttons pegging game of rainbow fun, that aids children in stacking, encourages creativity, show your skill at  stacking the multicolored buttons to build a stable tower. (ages 2-6)

Hush Little Polar Bear by Jeff Mack $7.99- using the rhythm & rhyme of"hush little baby" a little girl sigs this similar lullaby to her toy bear ....sweet, loving and my little guy LOVES to sing at night as part of his bedtime ritual,. so I think he will love this.

Melissa & Doug Owl Stacker $12.99- Tuffy has a thing with owls so this will be a nice stacker to keep in his "quiet time" box for days that mommy has to stay in bed or lay on the couch.

HAPE number's & colors $9.99- these wooden numbers stand on their own, perfect for teaching to count and for teaching color recognition as well as number recognition. 

All totaled the December 
Austin Lloyd age 2-3 Years was valued at $78.94, the box costs $49.99 (I KNOW you think wow...too much money, but really... if you are someone who buys wooden toys, or board books then you will actually save money with this box. right now you can use "DRAGON2013" at checkout to save 10% off you total., just click HERE and use "DRAGON2013" for your 10% off.

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