Tuesday, December 24, 2013

blacksocks.com review (it's not just socks and not just black)

Blacksocks.com sent a pair of calf and knee socks (for men)
I recently was given the opportunity to do a review for Blacksocks.com, sine I have been wanting to offer more items for men in my reviews (really I only review fivefour club for men, hubby other box is home grown collective and that's not really a "mans" box. So I jumped at the chance to review something else for the men in my life (hubby and sons in law) and for ya'll too so you know what is out there for YOUR man.

Blacksocks.com sends their socks in a no frill, no fuss plain box.
YOu say how many socks you want each month (calf or knee), what color (they DO have more than black) and would he like any shirts or underwear.Just click what you want...and it comes to you as often as you wanted.

This is the calf length socks, I think I will buy hubby a few of these in multi colored socks because he like to have fun socks ,and then the boring black, brown,and emerald (just because green is his favorite color)

This is the knee socks, I really didn't see my hubby wearing these...and then I asked...I was wrong...so I guess I will be ordering these in multi and emerald for him as well

and maybe order a pair of each on the underwear and shirts to see if he likes those or not)

want to give them a try for your hubby, son, boyfriend, son in law, nephew...whatever you still have left to buy for Christmas, just do an electronic gift card and this will make you look like a super star gift giver! Just click ---->blacksocks.com, and if they ask make sure you tell them that the dragon slayer mommy sent you (no clue how the referral program works)

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