Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Silly Rhino Launch Box

how cute is this box? I adore it...

I am very happy to "introduce ya'll" to a brand new box called Silly Rhino! The webpage for this adorable children's box just launched today (I already had the box and was waiting on the webpage to launch to post the review...everything but this paragraph being written when I received the box a few weeks ago)

Silly Rhino is in Beta right now and is sending a limited number of November boxes (there ARE still boxes available for the November Beta boxes at this time), they will do a full subscription launch in December.

my box shipped priority mail, but I think boxes will be sent via fed ex smart post
Silly Rhino is a box for children aged 0-4 that is comprised of toys, "baby" gear, personal care items and accessories that are eco friendly, safe, high quality items that moms like myself (as well as Anna, the creator of Silly Rhino) This box was a creation that came about as she herself living in a small town in the middle of nowhere was having a difficult time locating the type of items she wanted to for her children that were healthy, fun, educational and environmentally friendly.

i love the  box, even down to the cute little bird that sits on a rhino in the wild...

Silly Rhino offers boxes in the ages of 0-1/  1-2/ 2-3/3-4 
the box I am reviewing for you I believe is a 3 yr old box (my son is 2 1/2, but typically I age him up on boxes so we can grow into items instead of risking things not being of use because he is too old for it) This box is $35.99 a month for month to month and price goes down for multiple month subscriptions. 
right now using the coed "iheartrhino" will give you 10% off your first order.

Ok...now that we have all the information out of the way let's look what was in this adorable box...

Animalz Rhino $8.99- we have a few of these wooden toys in other varieties and Tuffy really likes them (we have dinosaurs so far) I prefer to give him wooden toys over plastic toys when possible (they last longer, plus I like the nostalgia feel of wooden toys) The little wooden animals have become quite popular, but I don't think I have seen them in any other boxes... and how appropriate for Silly Rhino's launch box...perfect!

Health Science Labs Endangered Species Travel Buddy Giant panda $28.36- panka neck pillow and blanket his perfect for the upcoming holiday season with so much travel... but even if you just keep it in your car for everyday travel . The blanket is 30X40 inches which is more than enough to keep any toddler happy... my little guy actually uses the Panda pillow in the house and lays with it on the couch...we just pull the blanket out of "Anda" and he is ready to watch a movie 

This photo shows how the blanket fits into the Panda for storage when not in use... I think this Panda Pillow may be one of my fav box finds yet... I know it was made with travel in mind (and we will use it for that) This has become snuggle time pillow and blanket (not replacing his "Gwee...which is what he calls his blankie)

Pony Brushes his Teeth $4.45, I was actually surprised by the price of this book on Amazon (it is almost 1/20 off cover price... I seriously need to get more books from Amazon for Tuffy I guess, I have been paying way too much! This is a cute book and we are ALWAYS looking for more books... I don't know if I have mentioned it but our "elf" (which is actually Christopher pop-in-kins not the "creepy" looking elf on the shelf) anyways our elf leaves books every nigh so I am putting all books from boxes aside for that right now to add to the Christmas themed books I purchased as well.

Endangered Species Safari bath Puzzle Set $10.99-  This bath set has three different 3D bath puzzles that float as well as bubble bath (bubble bath is no dye, no parabens,no sulfates,no animal testing)
This is another cute item from endangered species (same as the Panda pillow, I love that these items are included ...I don't know if I have discussed my adopted tiger on the blog, but lets just say endangered species and their preservation is very important to me specifically tigers) 
I have also put this aside for Tuffy's Christmas, but I know he will LOVE the bath puzzles...

All totalled this perfectly adorable box from is valued at $52.79, which is a great deal with a box cost of $35.99 (as low as $33.99 for 6 month sub) I love that all of these items are items I would not have stumbled upon on my own but are things I really do love...and I found a whole new line of stuff I want to not only buy, but give as gifts (Endangered species)  I think this was an awesome first box from Silly Rhino, it was perfectly themed and was exactly the type of box I am looking for to add to my son's box lineup!

remember that you can use code"iheartrhino" for 10% off your first purchase CLICK HERE

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  1. Their logo is absolutely adorable. I also have a 2.5 year old boy and the items you recieved would be right up his alley.