Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October woof wag play box

One of my monthly subscriptions for the pups is Woof Wag Play. I always look forward to WWP because it is set up using my Miss Libby as the "main pup" since WWP is an organic doggy box and Miss Libby is my "special" dog it's fitting... for those of you with grain sensitive dogs they now have that option available as well. I have been receiving WWP since their first box and I have never been disappointed with a box... the questionnaire is in depth and pretty spot on.

This was the first peek into by October Woof Wag Play Box... I was intrigued and happy!

Let's look at what Miss Libby (as well as Romeo, reba and Madisson) received this month...

Moody Pet Humunga Stache $11.95 I have to say I may be the only woman in America that isn't "into mustaches"...not for my toddler, or my pups......Rhett Butler...YES...anyone way!
that being said I KNOW that for 99.9% of America this toy was a huge hit and can totally see why it was in the box...
OK now that I have had my say about Mustaches let's talk about the toy... Miss Libby didn't care for this (she is my smallest pup at 58 pounds) and it was a bit heavy for her mouth...BUT...Miss Reba and Madison (the 7 1/2 month old Mastiff/German shepherd pups that weigh over 85 pounds each already) they LOVED the ' was the PERFECT size for them (which is hard to accomplish because they have their mamma's big ol' mastiff mouth) Since they are still puppies they play non stop and because they are big AND powerful they tear a LOT of stuff up (let's NOT discus my furniture) Surprisingly this toy has held up very well even with them tugging on it trying to get it away from each other ..I read other reviews that said it fell apart immediately... perhaps it was a "smaller" version is all I can think of because this thing has held up to my biggest babies who chew through the wood trim of the house like it was a can of dog food... so even though I am not a fan of mustaches this get's 4 paws up from my pups!

Antlerz by QT pets (Medium) -$8.00- This is a Texas product, and I love that! I also like that this is natural, super long lasting & great for teeth and gums. All the pups like these, even Romeo who is my Senior Citizen who doesn't care for much these days other than me and sleeping...oh, and his blanket.

Earthbath grooming wipes for puppies $0.25 - the packaging says suggested retail 25 cents... this is a sample grooming wipe. It conditions, shines while wiping away dirt and part is that it can fit in a purse or bag (not a big deal for me and my pups but I know when I was able to get out and about my pups went everywhere with me...and you don't want them all "smelly" when you get out of the car..again, all natural which I love!

Canine Earth Awesome Apple Paw Balm $6.50- OMG...ok, so I am a freak for lip balm and hand my pups having rough dry paws makes me crazy....especially when one of the girls slap at me with the big mastiff paw wanting to play and it  is rough and scratchy, the Texas heat is brutal on dogs paws... So when I saw this I was super excited...the pups like in they want to lick it off their paws, but it really does soften them up and pretty fast.

Distinctive Dog sweet potato carrot cake treats- $13.23- we have received this brand several times in our boxes and my pups all love them. I love that they are healthy, organic and human grade snacks that I can feel good about feeding my pups (especially my elderly Romeo who has a pretty sensitive tummy these days...he is on an organic diet since he has become so frail...)

BarkWorthies Spiral Tendon $2.84- OK, so I am NOT gonna lie... as you can see by the photo Miss Liberty Bell (Libby's full name) was not gonna let the bully stick "get away" so it is VERY possible that I have the wrong brand of bully stick listed here...but I remember it being about 10 inches... seriously I had to wrestle the thing away from her to get the tag off of it, I "though" that I saved the tag and put it in the box but I seem to have lost it ... and ALL of my photos have her trying to get the chew.

The Real Meat Company Zombie Apocalypse beef & oatmeal dog treats - $ 5.49- these are super adorable, I actually put these aside for one of the pups stocking this this Christmas (which reminds me Reba & Madison need kitty too...lots of "new" fur babies this year)
I really liked the company that makes these when I looked them up for the review... I actually wrote in my planner just now to research them some more...they have cat items too...and I love the all natural  simple healthy stuff in the snacks...again, I like to know exactly what my babies are eating.

I really know of no better way to tell you how much my pups enjoyed this box other than the photo above....Reba and Libby were not letting me take the photos... it seriously was nuts.... I finally let Libby have the bully stick and gave Reba the Antlerz so that I could finish the pictures

All totaled my October Woof Wag Play box was valued at $48.27 and is only $29.00 a month (so major value in this box)PLUS it is all organic and my pups loved all of it... one thing to remember about this box is that it does NOT auto if you are month to month you really have to order again every month (they do that so people do not feel "trapped" but you CAN get a multiple month subscription if you want (discounted cost  for multiple months) I got a 6 month subscription and it saved me A LOT...and remember they now offer a grain free box
So you want a box? just want to know more about it (they actually have a great charity program as well)

CLICK HERE and discount code "DRGNSLYRMOMMY5" will give you $5.00 off your first box making it just $24.00

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