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October Quilty box (launch box)

The brand new Quilty Box is perfect for gift giving this holiday season!
look at all this, and all so pretty!

Quilty Box is a brand new box that sends you everything you need for a beautiful handmade project or two every month. I have actually been dying to learn how to do quilting so I was all over this box and was thrilled when Quilty Box offered to send me the launch box of this new box of creative fun.

It is so much MORE than just a subscription box, it's an online community, a blog, and for me it's the inspiration and support needed to finally learn to do something I have always wanted to do. I get a lot of boxes wit "stuff" inside but I feel like this box is teaching me a lifestyle much like homegrown collective does... and I think this may become just as loved and "needed" around here...

This is the box I was searching for but didn't know it until I opened it up and really started "playing" with the items in my box

The reason it took me weeks to do this review was simply because I wasn't sure how to put how I felt about this box in a review without sounding all sappy and a little crazy...

Quilty Box is $38.95 a month (less when you do multiple month subscriptions) and includes everything needed to complete the projects... you also download PDFs with detailed instructions from their webpage. They have an entire interactive community of ladies sharing ideas and tips as well.(I guess a man could join too)
I have always wanted to be a quilter, but just never had the time to learn and really no one to teach me... These days I have a LOT of "down time" and learning to quilt, knit and crochet is the perfect thing to fill that time... The very kind and helpful owner of Quilty Box knows I am a beginner and has offered to help me as well...I have also found many tutorials online... I AM going to learn how to do this... Quilting is going to be my new infusion project (much more productive that watching netflix which is what I do now at infusions)
My Dr also is about to make a big change on my meds which will likely land me in bed for an extended period of time so this box came at the perfect time!

I had no idea at all what to expect in my Quilty Box since this is the launch box and I have never quilted before so I was actually eagerly awaiting this like a little girl waiting on Santa Claus... I am really excited about this box (I can't remember the last time a box had me this excited...I love that I get to learn how to do something I have always wanted to do from a subscription box)

My box thankfully came with a very detailed info page that not only said what was in the box, but gave me a clue what those items were and what they are used for which kept me from becoming overwhelmed and kept me excited as I tore into the box for the first time.

since I don't know what I need to do any sewing type project I was thrilled to see this box included EVERYTHING needed except maybe scissors and a thimble if you use one. I do actually have a lot of sewing supplies in the house since the princess loves to sew , we actually have a couple really nice sewing machines and boxes full of stuff for her...I just never had time to mess with it anything I DO end up needing I am sure I have somewhere in that extra room.
when I opened the box the first thing that hit me was that smell... this may not make sense to ya'll...but I guess it is the fabric..I am not sure what it is but it smells like my granny's sewing room... anyone who knows me knows my granny was the most important person in my life so just having memories of her flood my mind every time I open this box is worth the cost of the box alone.

The Theme for this box is geometry

OK  I've rambled on way to much over how excited I am about Quilty Box and learning to quilt, so let's look at what is in my box shall we...

Custom fabric label by Jennifer's Jewels $1.25- I can't wait to actually finish something and then put this on it with my name on it...does that sound as corny as I think it does?

Arrow hair by Art School Dropout $7.50 one of the items in every Quilty box will be an "extra item" that does not pertain to the monthly quilting projects. This month was an adorable hair pin by art school dropout (you could use t for MANY things really, but I am very into various hair pins, barrettes, and such right now so this is an adorable bobby pin in my home but you may find another use for it)
on a side not I got "lost" on art school dropouts page for over an hour...this may be one of my fav new blogs and Estsy stores I highly recommend stopping by and checking it out.

Jeanna Kimball's Foxglove Cottage Sharps needle sampler $1.95- Quilty box will be sending a "basic" item in their boxes every moth and this is this month's basic which was good for me sine I do not have any "quilting" needles exactly... not much I can say about needles but the packaging is adorable.

Rock candy Table Topper pattern by Jaybird Quilts  $6.90- this is the pattern that goes with the primary project for the month (this is the only project I have tackled yet so I can't really say much about the other one) I would very much like to finish this one and perhaps a second one before Christmas for mom and one of my you experienced quilter that might me an "easy" simple goal but for me it's pretty major since I am learning as I go here plus my hands are greatly effected by my disease and my joints twist so I can't do this for too long without taking a break.

Sidekick ruler by Jaybird Quilts  $17.95- this little ruler tool is much more pricey that I would have thought and let me tell you I am not afraid to admit it scared the beejeezes out of me when I had to use this to cut my fabric correctly (umm... I am not gonna lie not all perfect...operator error not tool error) this cuts diamonds, triangles and half triangles...seriously just typing this I am getting stressed again... hopefully as I become more experienced I won;t break out in a sweat when I have to cut fabric.

Aurifil 50 wt. cotton mako thread $7.90 for the two spools included in the box that are a perfect match for  the fabrics included in the October Geometry box. I don't know a lot about different threads (not even gonna lie to you about that) but it appears that this is a pretty well liked thread from what I can tell while researching for this project and the review.

Minimalista by Art Gallery Fabrics- $ 11.50 a bundle of 8 fat eights are included in this box. I was obviously unable to find this exact assortment online so I just used a link to this fabric brand and will used the cost quote given to me by Quilty Box since it was a custom order I don't see any other way to do it and honestly I would have expected the fabric to be more than listed.

This is just a closer look at 4 of the fabrics, I am in love with these colors...if I was a sewing person I would totally be making myself a dress or apron from any of these...

this is the other 4 fabrics included- I am pretty crazy about these as well... I love all the pretty patterns perfect for the geometry theme of the box!

there is also a PDF pattern download from Art School Dropout valued at $ 2.75 it was emailed with the shipping notification for this box (which I "think" I may have deleted one the box was received so I need to see if I can find it ,if not perhaps either Tosha at Quilty Box or the folks at Art School Dropout will be kind enough to resend it to me so I can do that project as well... it is supposed to be for a simple square pattern and will be one of 12 released so you can use it to build a quilt if you wish or as individual I dare dream of a quilt.... do I ?

All totalled the October Quilty Box was valued at $ 57.70 which is a heck of a deal considering the box is $38.95 and I would NEVER have known what to buy, where to get it or where to even start on my own... but in all reality this is one of those boxes that the "experience" is part of the value as well... it's great that the box was worth $20 more than the cost but in all reality this box will save you more than that over time since you can keep almost everything for future use as well plus you get a beautiful project piece you can give as a gift or use yourself as well as the pattern for the quilting square as well... I think this is a great value when you all ALL of that up but just the actual monetary value is great as well! after all my gushing over the Quilty Box if you are wanting to try this out for yourself I have a great discount code for all use "DRAGON5" to take $5.00 off your first box making it just $33.95!

also the super generous folks at Quilty Box have also offered to sponsor a giveaway for my readers and I will be launching that giveaway this evening as well!!!

***I received this item free of charge for review purposes, as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and I did not received compensation in any way for my review***

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  1. Good luck on your quilting endeavor! I have always wanted to learn, mainly because I love the patterns of the fabric.