Sunday, November 17, 2013

October Mia Tempo Review

One of my favorite boxes to receive is Mia Tempo (I love seeing what indulgent items are going to be included every month) I was pleasantly surprised by this month... Mia Tempo went in a COMPLETE opposite direction of what I had envisioned...but not in a bad way.

You can also read my interview with Mia Tempo founder's Christina from back in June HERE, also a list of previous MIa Tempo reviews HERE

As always Mia Tempo arrived beautifully boxed, this is definitely a subscription that you can gift and know that it will be ready to give as is with a presentation you can feel good about... I have often gifted my Mia Tempo Box because I know that it is an incredible spa quality  box with organic and often vegan products that I can give to friends who I think need a little "me time' (this one I am keeping for myself I believe)

The Mia Tempo "info cards" are a spa treatment menu that gives you step by step instructions for the particular type of box/items received that month (all items in a Mia Tempo box always "go together" as in the box is designed to give a complete start to finish pampering  experience)
Also included in info on the brand/companies included in the box (always organic and often vegan as well)
And lastly the information about the organization that Mia Tempo is donating to for the month (always an organization benefiting women)

OK, on to the box...

first peek into the November that Zoya I spy in bubble wrap...
I was very surprised to see that this month was a pedicure box, somehow I thought that would be a summer theme (but actually it is 91 degrees here today so I am still in flip flops this time of year so it works for me)

Zoya (Noel) -$8.00 this is a beautiful blue metalli, I actually had this on my wish list so I was thrilled to receive this color in my box (not sure if everyone received the same color...but I am just happy that I got it in mine)

this is a peppermint pedicure set in convenient smaller size (but not a "sample" size, maybe more of a mini...I will but actual sizes below when I detail each product) I love the peppermint scent (one of my favorite lotions that I stock up on every year is a vanilla/peppermint lotion...I love using in in July/August when it is over 110 degrees around here every day...just makes me "feel" cooler)

this is the peppofoot refreshing spray in 2 ounce size (full size is 4 oz) - Not only is this a great spray for refreshing hot tired feet it can be used as a room spray, linen spray, or car spray...I just sprayed it on my sheets....we shall see if hubby notices....

peppofoot polish(2.5 oz, full size is 4 oz)- this is a pumice scrub to perk up your piggies ...apply rinse off the "grit" leaving behind the moisture and healing refreshing tea tree, peppermint, shea butter and avocado oil.

peppofoot stick- (0.5 oz, full size is 2 oz)- this stick is an invigorating intensive moisture stick...just apply to feet, and pull on a pair of cotton socks in the morning you will have nice soft and refreshed feet...good for achy feet  too

Plaid manicure set in mini clutch -$12.99- although I did find this exact manicure set was only in bulk (qty 200 and I had to call for pricing with a PO)...I am not doing that, so this was the same company just their retail side and this was the same sets in a different pattern (they only offered the plaid mini sets in bulk) description below

I actually adore this manicure set...I don't know if I have mentioned it but I love plaid... and paisley... and I needed a small manicure set to throw in my bag so I can use it during my  infusions (lugging a big set around isn't practical, and I actually had put a mini manicure kit on my Christmas cross that off the list)

Eco Tools sustainable moisture socks -$ 7.64- first off I LOVE that Mia Tempo almost always includes Eco Tools products in my box (I "think" this was the "bonus" item for the month so it is possible others received a different item...usually I can tell what the bonus item is but this is all so well themed I can't tell (that's a compliment by the way) These are PERFECT to slide on after using the peppostick...

all totalled my October Mia Tempo box was valued at $50.63, which is a great value even if you just get the month to month box which is $39.95 (I have a multiple month subscription so I pay less than that)

Let me just say that this is a box that will make a GREAT gift, you can get a 3 month subscription for $115...and trust me 3 months from Mia Tempo is a gift ANY woman would love regardless of their age.

CLICK HERE to check out their webpage and find a plan for you or a friend/loved one.

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  1. Fabulous review! Every time I read one of their reviews I think, 'why didn't subscribe?' Their boxes look so good. Is the pedi set the deluxe sample size?

    Unpack the Box