Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October Five Four Club

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a box from Five Four Clubclothing for men to review, I was pretty stoked about getting this box...I have really been wanting to find new boxes for my hubby as well as showcase some of the men's boxes available for my readers as well so this was PERFECT and well, hubby needed some "up to date" clothes...

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Five Four Club, let me do a little explanation before we dive into this box

When you join Five Four Club you will fill out a style quiz that is simple but gets to the nitty gritty of what your man likes and his sizes in various items. The box could include anything from clothing, shoes, jackets and accessories from the in house Five Four brand of up to date clothing styles for your man.

so what comes in the box you ask? well that depends and will varies from month to month.... Five Four Club uses a "point system" to determine the quantity of items that will actually be in the box (points are based on the dollar value in general of a certain type of article) I will list the "points breakdown" below... all boxes are guaranteed to be valued at over $100 no matter how many items are actually in the box in the box ....with me so far???

All packages are made up of a point system. For $60/month, you are given 10 points. Each product category has a set point value. The following is the breakdown. Every month you will receive a package comprised of items that will equal up to 10 points. All packages will give you an automatic discount up to 75% off of retail.
8 points = jackets
6 points = denim, pants, shorts, shoes, sweatshirts, knit jackets, sunglasses, cardigans, bags
4 points = polo’s, button downs, lightweight sweatshirts, long sleeve Henley’s, pullover sweaters
2 points = fashion tees, graphic tees & short sleeve Henley’s
1 points = socks

I will admit that I had already tore the tissue paper to peek... My hubby and I had gotten into a really bad habit with his Five Four Club boxes (as in we never too pics before they were washed so I didn't do this review... this time I remembered....god me...

My hubby has actually been getting boxes from Five Four Club for about 4 or 5 months I think now...

he has been very happy with the selection, his only request/complaint would be to add slacks not just jeans or shorts...he MUST wear slacks to work so he would love to see those in the box.

I am going to play with his profile some and see f I can get him slacks :)

OK, so now that you understand HOW Five Four determines what they are sending you based on points...let's see what he got t this month...

Five Four Greenfield Navy Cardigan  $78.00- My husband is totally the kind of guy who will wear a cardigan to fact I hope we see more of these in different colors...he LOVES it!
The Cardigan seems well made, and warm but not too heavy...really just a perfect cardigan (and I might try to nag it)

Five Four Solana Red-button down $55- first off I apologize for the terrible folding job... I don't fold button ups, I hang them so this was a "fun" photo to get...
that being said, hubby is happy with this button down obviously it is not a solid red shirt, hubby likes plaid and this works for him...

As you can see both pieces work very well together, that is a great thing about Five Four Club  they send clothes that create outfits (it's hubby proof) The total value for Hubby's october box was $133.00 which is actually the least expensive box he has had in awhile...last month was an AWESOME box...

so if you want to subscribe to Five Four Club, browse their online store or just see a bit more yu can CLICK HERE remember if you "join the club" club members get 25% off of all clothing in the shop as well!

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  1. Your overuse of the word "hubby" makes me want to punch kittens. It's not that hard to write out the work husband and sound like an intelligent person.