Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October Fancy Pants Food Box (launch box) & Giveaway

Fancy Pants Food Box is a brand new subscription box for "foodies" and it is only $10.00 a month, I LOVE food boxes and I definitely consider hubby and I both foodies (as is the princess, kitty kat not at all..)
when fancy Pants Food offered to send me a box for review purposes I was all over it..., please sign me up!

I just wanted ya'll to see their box, I think it's cute and the saying on it. Kinda think of this as a birchbox for foodies...awesome gourmet/or unusual  products in deluxe sample or single serving sizes.

The first peek inside the box

as with most boxes a info card was enclosed listing what was in the box and what the full sized versions sell for.

Madecasse dark chocolate- I have actually bought this brand several times (and received it in a couple boxes as well) I was very happy to see this again the chocolate is nice and dark with minimal sugar...just the way I like it! This is an award winning chocolate and I can see why, for any dark chocolate fanatic this is a must try.

The 3Nuts nut butter- this is a salted caramel peanut butter and YES it tastes as good as it sounds! The consistency is different than I expected (was very thick and coarse.)..but not in a bad way.. This is a peanut butter that you could make this your snack/dessert...not bread needed...just the jar... I have already have this on my stockingstuffer wish list (hint hint to hubby who reads my blog)

photo from Happy Goat farms webpage since I ate my caramels and lost the original photos of this box
Big Picture Farms Goat Milk caramels - there WERE two in this box... I don't know what happened to the photos I originally took... they have disappeared and I ate the caramels just moments after snapping the photo that first time...they were delicious and I want more!

The Good Bean Energy bar in Chocolate Berry flavor- This was pretty good, not my favorite item in the box but not bad either... I would eat these again and likely would buy from a local store but wouldn't go searching for them either if that makes sense.

Crunch ma-ma- these are crunchy Edamame snacks... I am actually not able to eat Edamame I have a soy allergy not too terribly bad most foods have some kind of soy in it because it is used in preservatives but soy sauce and Edamame tend to trigger a rash (had an allergy test done as well to confirm the allergy) I LOVE asian food so I keep benadryl on hand (and an epipen"just in case" ) I always pre-medicate with benadryl prior to anything I know has high soy content) These are going in someone's stocking.

I do not do a cost break down on these type of boxes usually (same with Love With Food and Goodies...or well now just Love With Food)
I like the box, and I liked the items they chose and I would definitely subscribe to this box for a few months to see if the box stayed consistently good.

The very generous folks over at Fancy Pants Foods also is offering a giveaway for the readers here at the Dragon Slayer Mommy... 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

***I received this item free of charge for review purposes, as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and I did not received compensation in any way for my review***


  1. I already subscribed to this one in October but haven't gotten a box yet (or an email or notice of shipping or anything).

  2. I would love to try those goat milk caramels!

  3. I like that they have real food. The caramels look so amazing!!