Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October fab kids review

OK, I know I JUST reviewed Fab Kids September a couple Minutes ago and now here is October but hey sorry... I got behind... I admit it... same rules apply here...

FabKids membership is $39.95 bad you get 50% of if you sign up with my link CLICK HERE for 50% off

this adorable rock looking hoodie is nice and bright in yellow and blue size XS (3)  (not my normal choice fro Tuffy, but I like this...and sometimes different is good) the full price on the sweatshirt/hoodie is $32.00

The photo actually doesn't show how adorable these jeans are they are distressed in just the perfect places (although they same size as last months jeans I think these are a bit bigger) they re a size 3 but just seem longer than the other 3's that I have.

Ok, so hubby is reading this review shaking his head because NOW he knows WHY this particular outfit was picke...the socks... I have a things for socks (for me mostly, but obviously for anyone)she size on the socks was XXS /XS but no price

all things considered paying even the membership price of $39.95 for this would be "OK...but, you know I don't want ya'll to pay full price...."
you can get any outfit 50% off  Just click here, pick you clothes and it will be 50% off at checkout...that simple!


  1. lovely :)

  2. I signed up for an account after seeing this review but didn't commit to buying anything until today. Thanks for the reviews of this service. I'm excited to get my daughter's first outfit!

    1. I hope you love your daughters outfit (they have some great things for little girls right now...I miss my girls being so little, SOMETIMES)

      just remember to skip the month by the 4th of the month every month so you don't get charged unless you WANT to buy something as long as you remember to skip Fab Kids is pretty great and they are always email special deals to you