Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October the crowded tub

I know I have reviewed a few of the Crowded Tub boxes in the past , but This is a box of bath time fun for toddlers and your kids...always including a toy (or toy set), various soap/shampoo products and a wash cloth/sponge. Everything included  is natural, even the packing peanuts are bio degradable. The crowded Tub also gives back to charity a portion of boxes sold. So you get bath time fun for you and your munchkin while helping other munchkins (they send The crowded tub boxes to children’s charities as well)

Begin again toys (Seahorse &Turtle $4 each so $8.00)- these are really cute little bath toys, that at first I wasn't sure how Tuffy would feel about them...but guess I was wrong he has entire octonauts cre now I guess! These were a hit from the 2 1/2 yr old!

Babo Botanicals- Oatmeal Calendula Shampoo & Wash 2 oz $4.80- this is a nice basic shampoo for babies or adults with sensitive skin (this is handy 2 Oz travel size (very important with upcoming travel) 

Satsuma Designs -Bamboo Terry Washcloths (3 pack NOT a 5 pack) $9.60... the link take you to a 5 pack, this was a 3 pack so I just did the math... I actually REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like these.. I actually use them to wash my face with and they are so it

zoe organics baby bath tea soak $2.80- this is made with oatmeal, lavender,calendula,and chamomile flowers and a bit of cocoa butter... this is not only good for babies with sensitive skin of newborns, but soothing sunburns, eczema or soothing allergies... I like this, had to have some around...perhaps next time as a major reaction I can try this and see if he settles down (I have an epi pen AND know CPR AND have a he is fine..but just curious if it's that good...not on a food or medicine allergy, but on a I "got into something allergy"

A Wild Soap- Oatmeal Honey Fragrance free soap $ 6.50- Once again I "know" this is a bath box for my son...but every month it seems like one of us adults found something we like (last month it was Hubby and daughter wanting the Cedar and Tree soap)...reminds me I gotta buy more) I actually think I will try this soap myself when I run out of current boutique brand all natural, handmade organic spa type body wash... I keep picking this soap up and smelling it (it really is "fragrance" free but reminds me of something) ...and I want ti!

all totalled the October The Crowded Tub was worth $31.70, not too bad considering this box runs $21.95 a month to $29.95 a month depending on which package you get (that is why I ALWAYS buy multiple month subscriptions the savings adds up) 

You can use code "DRAGONTUB8" to get $8.00 of of your first order (whether it is one box or a subscription...$8.00 is a pretty good discount..I would jump on that is I could...ell... I did, actually....

Seriously ya'll, TRY the Crowded Tub... I really think YOU will like it... it has a little somethin for everyone

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