Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October Bluum box

For those still unfamiliar with Bluum and how they do their boxes... it is all based on your child's age (in months) so every month has a "theme" that goes with that month (so every 29 month old box will be "I'm a big kid now", and every 28 month old will be "fun is in the Air", 26 months was Vroom...)

Ok, make here is the confusing part...even though the THEME for all 29 month olds are the same the items in the box will vary month to month based on season and it? 
I have a lot of Bluum reviews here (maybe 6 or 7 month's worth, so you can find a lot of the themes here for the toddler age group)

The First Peek at my October Bluum box

The theme for the 29 month old Bluum box is "I'm a Big Kid Now"

so let's see what my big boy got in his box...

Little Learners - I Can Do Everything!  $12.99- this is a set of 10 little books (I can listen, I can tidy up, I can say good bye, I can say I'm sorry, I can take turns, I can share, I can say Thank You, I can say Please, I can say Hello)
I do adore this book set (and although I have it set aside for Christmas right now I looked through it and like the book topics themselves, but they are pretty small I guess perfect for "little hands"  and since there are 10 I can forgive the small part easily enough)

Crayola snack packer $2.99 - I will never complain about a snack container since we tend to lose them as quickly as we get them... this is a sandwich shamed one from crayola...mine is yellow (which is fine) but I would have loved purple or aqua which I saw when I was working on this review.
We always need these my hubby loses them as often as the dryer eats socks!

The First Years Take & Toss 10 oz sippy cups 4 pack $3.99- same as I said above with the snack container , I always need sippy cups... I actually have never bought the "take and toss" ones because well... I think that isn't overly great for the environment...BUT , I will happily use these sippy cups more than once no matter "what they are called" Sippy cups are also part of the great disappearing act around here (I really think I have gremlins that come and take things from my cabinets...or perhaps hubby thinks they are all "take and toss" and that is the problem ;)

I don't know if you can tell in the picture but there are polkadots on the cups... I love me some polkadots so that was a bonus!

Children's Oscillococcinum $ 9.33- You know a few months ago when Bluum started putting all natural meds and such in the boxes I was not a fan... BUT... that tiny voices elderberry syrup we got a few months ago has become my #1 goto product for my son...SOOO... I am very happy to have some children's natural homeopathic meds for flu like symptoms if the need arises (especially with my immune system issues people who are around me need to start meds and be I need to be isolated ASAP when someone even has sniffles)

Poppy drops in bluum collection tattoo earrings $11.45- WHAT...seriously people pay that much for these? was my second first response my SON's name is TUFF...what part of that makes anyone thing I will put flower earrings on him? tattoo or otherwise??? I will be contacting Bluum about this and update you on the response (a couple months ago I received pink fuzzy socks that were adorable but PINK and was told even the boys got them so we shall see on this one)

Luna Bar (carrot cake) $1.25- I do enjoy the "mommy items" in my Bluum boxes...and I haven't tried the carrot cake Luna bar yet but it sounds yummy...

All totalled my Bluum box was valued at $42.00 which is not bad at all considering the box costs $24.95 a month PLUS if you use the code "PAMPERS" it will save you 50% off making your first box around$12.00...can't beat that since you can cancel at anytime... with Christmas right around the corner this would be a great gift for not only your munchkin, but a niece or nephew (or a friend's kid since you can get that first box for under $15.00) 

I get a lot of children's boxes and I will say that I use 99% of the items we get in our Bluum box (it may not have the "wow" factor every month that other s do BUT... it is stuff that I use and end up buying more of so it is worth it and saves me the tattoo earrings no, I am not happy about but even without those this box was worth more than i paid and I was happy to get all the other items and I feel confident that Bluum WILL make this right!

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