Thursday, November 21, 2013

November Your Bijoux Box

I was looking forward to my Your Bijoux Box this month, I assumed they would be including some great sparkle for all the upcoming holiday festivities. The did deliver the sparkle that I was thinking, just in a very unexpected way...once again the ladies over at Your Bijoux Box managed to push me beyond my comfort zone, but in a good way. Also I noticed right away when I received the box that the accent colors on the box were different...festive holiday look...

Your Bijoux Box always comes wrapped in pretty paper, everything in it's own little black velvet bag and wrapped up in a bow and includes an info card to explain a little about the pieces in the box.

Crystal Sunburst Collar- I haven't worn a choker in many many fact just seeing this made me hyperventilate... I have serious issues with things around my neck (this is why wearing jewelry, especially necklaces again for me has been a triumph over personal demons in a way) The ladies at Your bijoux Box had no way of knowing that just a pretty necklace would trigger a PTSD episode...oh, but it did...

Now that I have had a week or so to absorb the fact that the necklace is very pretty and full of fact it is everything I was hoping for when I opened this box to begin with...only a "little shorter" than I would have prefered... BUT never one to let something get the best of me and that includes the last real control my ex still held over me...I decided to wear the necklace... I could and I WOULD do this...

I won't go into the details but a little bit at a time I worked on the necklace and now I can actually wear it...and it is very pretty ... I am not completely comfortable wearing it yet...but I am determined to overcome this and wear my pretty sparkly necklace this season...A LOT...we just won't call it a choker...OK?

Iced Tortoise Bracelet- this double chained bracelet is all about fall will go with pretty much ANYTHING that I am wearing right now. This is a bit different than anything I currently own and I love that about Your Bijoux box they are continuously pushing my boundaries fashion wise (and this month even on a more personal level)

Both pieces are full of stunning sparkle on their own or paired together. What did you think of the November Your Bijoux Box.

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