Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November Wantable Accessories Box Review

I don't think I actually reviewed my October Wantable boxes, I need to find those photos and do that because they were as usual pretty damn awesome... Wantable has nailed the art of questionnaire and profile matching for boxes... I mean  SPOT ON!!! I currently Subscribe to all 3 of the Wantable boxes (Makeup, accessories, and Intimates, and last month I did actually receive all 3 boxes...BUT I will have to rotate which boxes I get each month fr financial reasons...I want them all but they will have to take turns) That is actually one of the great things about Wantable you can pause/skip/cancel or even move your shipment date forwards or backwards as needed...the customer service is top notch...they are so flexible... and wut the 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose...

But today we are going to talk specifically about my November accessories Wantable box. Although I DO have a subscription to Wantables boxes as I mentioned above this particular box was provided at no cost for review purposes... Wantable simply added a credit to my account that would cover one of my monthly boxes this month (I have them spaced out so when I do get all of them they don't "hit" at the same time) so Wantable had NO way of knowing which box I would choose as my review box if that makes sense... so this is "real representation of an actual same profile was used and everything...

OK...On to the box...

Celina Scarf -$ 40.00- I think I have gone a little "scarf crazy" this years considering I live in Texas and it is still in the upper 80s...BUT, I will be ready for that 3 week period we call winter around here!
In all seriousness, this scarf is perfect for Texas it is very light weight, soft and stylish. This is a nice trendy southwest design in charcoal, light grey, and a couple shades of purple... this is light enough even for 80 degree weather and I can't wait to wear this out. The stylist over at Wantable did an awesome job of nailing my personal style from colors to patters on this as well as taking into consideration the warm climate (I had set my profile to make a scarf only 1 of 2 loves so I would get one)

***side note*** if anyof you have some "carf tutorials" on ways to wear it, wrap it and such I would LOVE some ideas...again in Texas NOT usually a scarf kinda place but I have more than 12 scarves I know for sure right now and possibly closer to 20 soi I need to know what to do with them (yes, many are gifts for friends and family but I am keeping at least 5 for myself so I still need styling tips)  PLEASE...

Orpha necklace $ 24.00- this perfect necklace has a dainty thin silver chain with 3 little silver chevrons... this will be perfect with a casual jeans sweater/T shirt or with a nice button down and skirt... LOVE this....I actually would have bought this myself the second I laid eyes on it. well done Wantable, well done!

Maki Ring- $ 22.00- this is a cute trendy little zipper ring (that proved very difficult to photograph) I should explain here that wantable DID NOT make a mistake... I DID change my profile to allow gold accessories for the next couple of months (mostly for gifts, and although I 100% prefer silver I will wear gold jewelry (as a matter of fact I did this past weekend...I choose gold jewelry to go with a particular outfit ...surprisingly it does happen sometimes)

This is a second photo of the Maki Zipper Ring , I was trying to show the detailing in the zipper design of the ring but it it didn't come out as I had hoped..the entire circumference of the ring is jagged like an open zipper and the "top" of the ring is the part you pull to zip up,,,it's actually quite cute (and if it were in silver I would totally be keeping it for myself) 

 This is WHY I changed my profile up... I KNOW that I do NOT like to ket go of my wantable items at all... I knew by changing to gold I would be more likely to gift items... and my niece will love this ring too I know a box is good when you purposely have to change your preferences to stuff you do not want so you won't keep it all for yourself... this will be the first time ever I didn't keep a wantable item, usually using it within 24 hrs of it arriving at my mailbox...even things I think "oh, I won't like this...oh...yes I do...they know me better than I know my self!

All totalled my November Wantable Accessories box was valued at $86.00... not bad at all for a box that costs $36.00 a month...I have NEVER received a wantable box that did not FAR exceed the cost of the box... If you are looking to gift a box to someone, or are wanting to ask for a box as a gift this year... Wantable is one of your very best options...they have the accessories box, you can see another review of it here, the makeup box, which you can see a review of here and an intimates box (which I realized I have not reviewed... I will find the photos of last months intimates box and get it reviewed ASAP but it includes things like nighties (Betsy Johnson ones), socks, panties, bras, bandeau bras, loungewear, and shapewear)

right now there are also 3 holiday boxes available.... you don't want to miss those

all boxes are $36.00 but ou are NOT obligated to get one every month as I said above you get only WHAT you want WHEN you want...just let them know before it's time to charge you and that date is clearly on each of your subscriptions (I have finally got mine spaced out well)

CLICK HERE to be taken to their webpage and just take the questionnaire (it does not mean you have to buy something) just take the questionnaire for yourself so that you can see how detailed it is.... and even if they happen to send you something you done't biggies, call them, email them ,message them, they will send you a return label just send it back...they will replace it for something you DO want!

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