Monday, November 25, 2013

November stork stack

One of the toddler subscription boxes I have been getting for a LONG time now is Stork Stack, For those who don't knowStork Stack is a monthly subscription box that cover the 3rd trimester of pregnancy through age 3... we are about to age out of this summer which is kind of a bummer since I have gotten used to getting this one every month for so long (it was one of my first subscription boxes actually...Wittlebee was my first)
Stork Stack will cost you $27.99 a month for a month to month subscription and a bit less if you do multiple month subscription.

recently Stork Stack has started sending the monthly theme and a spoiler list in a PDF with your monthly tracking number which is nice.if you like spoilers download the PDF...if you don't want to know then don't.

November's Theme was "Lunch Box"

Dinosaur Diner By Annie Kubler -$9.89- My son is crazy about dinosaurs and I am crazy for books so this is a win/win...this will be added to out 30 days of books between Thanksgiving and Christmas (my Sub boxes have covered almost all of these books this year...I did but a few special ones but really I think I could have had enough even if I hadn't) just another reason why sub boxes are so damn awesome!

Stephen Joseph Lunch Box (space themed)- $15.99 - Tuffy is really starting to enjoy watching the stars and 30 months that is about as far as we get "into" space with him right now, but I personally LOVE this lunchie...and I think it is great for a boy or a girl (I know some said it wasn't gender neutral...I am the science/history/even match person in my marriage...for that matter my husband will tell you I am over all more educated than him and more "book smart" although I am so dumb when it comes to  common sense and stuff that we evcen each other out... my point being girls CAN be into outer space, perhaps at the moment the space program is on hold but someday perhaps one of our daughters will go to Mars...being a girl shouldn't and really in this day and age couldn't limit her.

Spuds Green Open Plate -$9.99- these things are made from all natural , no GMO reclaimed is THAT even possible I ask you???? The entire line is simply adorable and I love them.

Surf Sweets individual packs of gummy treats (2) -$1.78- Tuffy loves surf sweets but I was a little disappointed in this to be honest the kids in other age brackets got baby legs leg warmers (which are worth WAY more than 2 individual toddler side fruit snacks, organic or not) again Tuf will be happy to have them but I do feel that the box value was  affected by these.

Individual pack of E Boost-  $0.90- this was the "mommy" treat in the box, again other age groups got a better value on the mommy snack as well...not much more to say about that.

All totalled my November Stork Stack was valued at $ 38.55, which is still a good deal since the box is $27.99. I was still quite happy with this month even though I felt the fruit snacks and E-boost were a bit on the cheap side compared to things in other age groups but over all I was still quite pleased with te the end of the day it is about the over all box not the individual items and if you will use everything in the box...and I will so I am still happy.

CLICK HERE USE CODE  "2021CED9"  to get your first box for just $17.99 (PERFECT for the holidays as a gift for a friend/relative/or your own munchkin...even an expecting friend or relative since it starts at the 3rd trimester)

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