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November Sparj Box Review & Discount code

November Sparaj Box 
When SPARAJ offered to send me their November launch box to review I was over the moon... I had seen the pre launch box that was released about 6 weeks ago and was just bummed I missed out in it since I LOVE this type of funky, indie,spa box... I could not believe I missed out on the pre launch box because it was so awesome... but I am happy I missed it because they send me THIS ONE instead...and it is OMG!!! Amazing! It was meant to be that I received THIS one... and trust me I WILL be getting more of them!

so, I don't normally post the majority of the photos I take (I take a lot, and actually document the entire unboxing process... this get most of the photos (well just one of each shot ...siodo take several for lighting and such...but I want you to see everything I saw as I opened this box because that was part of the experience, it was so excuse the glares and such I don't usually worry about that in photos I typically only use for my own purposes but not actually on the you get those as well...)

The box that arrived in the mail (USPS) wasn't too out of the ordinary...a good size box (but overly big), not overly heavy (all the things that usually say "hey look at me I am special" didn't really was a nice crisp white box with a hand stamped logo on it, and some washi type tape as contrasting accent to the white (I liked that by the way...I did notice that immediately) I only snapped this photo because I ALWAYS take a photo of the box (hey, you never know what will happen in a house with a 2 yr old, 4 LARGE dogs, and a cat...well OK there were 4 large dogs when I took this there are 3 and an engraved urn on my desk next to me... he's still with me while I work)

OK this is when they grabbed my attention... I was impressed with the attention to detail and the labor intensive precision of which they created this beautiful fall themed first peek!

for those who don't know who or what Sparaj is... this might be a good time to explain (because otherwise I will lose you in the next couple photos as I explain things)

this is what they have as their about us on their page:

Sparaj is a discovery service to explore new products outside of the US market. As purveyors of wellness products crafted from artisans across Asia, our focus is to discover grassroots community designers who apply their creative skills to combine eco-friendliness and artistry in product design. Each month, Sparaj will prepare a custom gift box that will include a mix of wellness products unique to Asia.

In adherence to our vision of building a more cosmopolitan world, Sparaj also shares noteworthy destinations and travel insight to inspire others to explore Asia.

I am glad I decided to take a photo of this leaf because the leaf actually WAS important to the box (I just didn't know it when I took this photo)

This is what is written on the inside of the info card (other than the product detail of course) and it not only gives the theme of the box but explains the significance of this leaf...

November is a time for giving thanks. This month, Loi Krathong and Yi Peng festivals are held in Thailand to appreciate life's blessings.

Held on the night of the full moon on the twelfth lunar month, Loi Krathong is an ancient festival dating back to the 13th century Kingdom of Sukhothai. The legendary festival began with the tradition of honoring the goddess of water, Phra Mae Kongka. Coinciding with Loi Krathong is the Yi Peng lantern festival, which originates from the ancient Lanna Kingdom in present day northern Thailand.

Placing the krathong (decorated leaf raft) into the river with a candle, or alternatively releasing a khom loi (sky lantern) into the full moon night, represents the cleansing of one's spirit by sending negative thoughts away and making a wish...

OK so that is the reason for the leaf (besides fall...since this is a box of  uniquely asian spa traditions, treatments and products  I love that they included this story.

So once I pulled back the beautiful paper wrappings this was what I found...more beautiful packaging, I know Sparaj used a reusable tote in their pre launch box as well, I wonder if they always will package their box this way (I kinda hope so because I love the presentation)...

This is the cover of the info card, which is fittingly very pretty it's self

this is the list of items included in the box (a good thing because one of these I would never have figured out) this reads like a normal info card at this point.

Seriously, is this NOT the prettiest presentation for box ever?!? I have never "not wanted to open a box because it was too pretty" before but with this one I seriously took very very detailed photos so I could put it all back together exactly as it was (I didn't know what was in it yet...and at that point there was still a small chance that some family member might get lucky and score this as one of their Christmas gifts....yea..that's NOT gonna happen now that I know what is in there)

First item is a Sparaj custom tote bag that all the other items were packaged so nicely in, I am not sure how to price this I am going to be conservative and say $5.00 although I really know it is worth more than that it is canvas, well made and has a little pocket but it is a custom promotional product so I am sure they got a great price on them so I will stick with $5.00.

Espresso scrub by Coffee Tree- this was 425THB so the conversion to US dollars makes it $13.35 (look at me all doing currency converions as stuff) I like this gift presentation with the hinged  jar  a lot more than the plan one I saw on thei also has instructions and ingredients written in both Thai and English which was fun too and really makes you realize that this box is a true Asian Spa experience in a box... and I love it! 

This is a picture of the actual espresso scrub,  it is handmade to offer an invigorating scent (trust me you KNOW that it is espresso) this is supposed to make your skin appear healthier, firmer, and more even toned. Because coffee is a natural diuretic it also helps with fluid build up under the skin and improve circulation(puffiness) suitable for all skin types. 

Panpuri Mineral Hand Cream (come clean antioxidant scent) 0.8oz- $25.66 this one is sold on Amazon as a set of 3 this size for 76.98 ($7 of that is shipping and I included that on this review because's coming from Thailand and YOU would have to pay shipping costs) Ok...back to this hand cream...OMG..GO ORDER THIS UBER EXPENSIVE STUFF...yes it is is like $50 an ounce but OMG...seriously! The best hand cream I have ever used (I NEED those other two scents they have in the trio on Amazon... I can just see it "honey, I ordered some hand biggie just $100 for 3 travel size ones) this stuff blows L'Occitane out of the water...and I am hooked... I don't know how I am going to fund this new obsession with hand cream I have developed this past year ...who would have thought hand cream would cost more than my smoking habit ever did? seriously... find a way to try this if you are someone who is "into" hand creams you won't regret it and if you get that trio let me know I will split the cost with you to try one of the other scents. I "think" that Barney's carries this... if you live near a Barney's can you verify this for me?

Old Shanghi Jade Facial beauty Roller- $31.45(this price includes shipping, as above I include shipping on the prices on item not sold in the US , it was about $18 before shipping costs)
-Ok this one too a LONG time to find a price for ya'll (seriously, wow that was almost an all day event) There are MANY of these out there of various quality, side and actual materials... this one is made of genuine jade and is of higher quality than many I found in the US stores sold as "originals' anyways this is the estimated price of the roller (there are many lesser quality one much more affordable. and for you Ipsy or  EM fans Michelle Phan even wrote a post  on these things (as I said I researched this for several hours)
This is also reported to help with swollen lymph nodes in the neck area (so all my autoimmune buddies I will let you know about that I will be starting the "testing" of that dragon make me swell up like I have the mumps sometimes.

Gayla Relaxing eye pillow-$19.95 (this was the easiest thing in the box to find and price by the way) 
This soothing eye pillows are made with Thai Aromatic Herbs and the finest essential oils.  They can be heated by the microwave or cooled by freezing.  Outer cover is also removable for washing. use for migraines, tension, headaches, and sinus pain....or just to relax and induce a deep relaxation for sleep.

This is a photo of the actual eye pillow (well, still in shrink wrap, I didn't want to break the seal on it's healing goodness until I was going to use it for the first time)
The mix of herbs and oils are mixed to create a blend that soothes your body AND emotions with natural ingredients of thai rice, lemongrass, kaffir lime, turmeric, cassumunar, lava stone and pure mineral oils.

Sparaj November box 

Ok, so the value on this box I AM including the prices WITH shipping which I feel is fair since if you personally ordered all these items from Thailand/china or anywhere else in the world you woul dhave to pay it all being combined into one box makes saving on shipping part of the value as well on items of this nature.

So the value of this box is $95.41, considering that the cost of this box is $40.00 for month to month, and as low as$33.00 for a 12 month subscription and prices in between based on the prepaid subscription you purchase. That doesn't even take into consideration that someone has taken the time to create and curate this box to allow you to experience beauty/relaxation and luxury from the other side of the globe. 

Want to subscribe? You know you do...use discount code "DRAGONSLAYER2013" for $5.00 off the remainder of the year, just click HERE and enter the code at checkout.
This is the reason I got into boxes in the first place to find and experience things I can't find here surrounded by cows and brown grass....being able to experience little pieces of another culture is so nice, no I will not get to travel everywhere I want to BUT I can purchase items like this and experience parts of their culture (one box at a time)

Yes, I am 100% sold on Sparaj...not even going to try and hide it... what do YOU think of this box? not just the items in THIS month's box, but the entire concept?

***I received this item free of charge for review purposes, as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and I did not received compensation in any way for my review***

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