Monday, November 18, 2013

November sock panda

For those of you who don't know, Sock Panda is a monthly sock subscription that is for men or women and you can choose either "bold" or "cool" as the type you want to receive (or be daring and get both) Sock Panda only offers one sock in each style per month (So ONE women's bold, one women's cool and then a men's version in each style) That is how they keep quality high on these socks and keep you from paying more than it already costs which is $11 per month (although I signed up recently when I got an offer for $4.95 a month) I get the Women's "cool" sock, although I am thinking abut switching to "bold" for a few months because I like some pretty "out there socks" 

I love that these are knee socks, and I love polka dots so this was a double win for me this month. This is the first set of knee socks I have received from Sock Panda. I need more knee socks I only have a few pair of knee socks that are not "fuzzy socks"
I know that a "sock of the month club" isn't for everyone, but I happen to LOVE socks (even more than shoes..definitely more than nail polish, but not as much as lip balm) It is easy to spend $15 a pair on some really cute, unusual and well made socks in most stores these days especially for the higher end brands...this month there actually was no brand info on my socks (there always has been in the past...but I am not concerned I feel 100% positive these socks far exceed the price I paid for them in value

Want to check them out, get your own Sock Panda subscription?

CLICK HERE to be taken to their webpage for more info.


  1. Call me an idiot, but I could never figure out whether 'cool' and 'bold' referred to colors, patterns, or both. And I never recall reading a review that stated which option they chose. I was so curious! Thanks for explaining that!

    Unpack the Box

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