Monday, November 18, 2013

November Pooch Pax review (launch box), Discount code & GIVEAWAY

November Pooch Pax 

I was recently given the opportunity to receive the brand new Pooch Pax to review. Pooch Pax is the newest doggy box on the market, you can customize your box Small, Medium, Large breed dog as with most boxes but they also do ask questions beyond that, although I do not remember at this time what those were.

 Pooch Pax is $29.00 a month if you get month to month boxes and goes as low as $19.00 a month if you get a 6 month subscription plus if you use the code "DRAGON" you can get $5.00 your 3 or 6 month subscription (making a 3 month subscription just $67 and a 6 month subscription just $109) now you see why I almost always get my boxes in a prepaid 3 or 6 month is just smarter to do it that way the savings are HUGE

this logo will forever be in my memories

Having four dogs ranging in ages from puppy to an elderly senior citizen I was eagerly awaiting our Pooch Pax's arrival... I will be honest I LOVE when pet box companies offer me the chance to review for them because my dogs cover such a wide variety of needs and I have baby kitty as well... I thoroughly enjoy pet boxes because I almost always get introduced to new brands that living in a tiny town in the middle of cow country I wouldn't otherwise know about. 
BUT...the day my Pooch Pax arrived was a sad day, Thursday November 14,2013 around 5:00 PM my husband gently lifted Romeo (my Senior yellow lab who was battling lung cancer) into the back of our Tahoe and I climbed in to ride in the back with him (yes, it was illegal for me to not be in a seat belt and if we had been pulled over I would have asked for a police escort to the vet clinic and then he could write me what ever citation needed and give it to my husband but I had more important things to deal with) I remember seeing the Pooch Pax and a couple other boxes sitting on the seat in front of me and thinking Oh, God I will never be able to open this box... was it a box I had designed for Romeo...
At 5:42 Pm Romeo left this world lying in my arms on the floor of the vet clinic... I will always remember the day I received my first Pooch Pax and every second of that night from the moment I saw the box until I finally fell into a medication induced sleep after 3 days of sleeping mostly on the floor with Romeo and spending a good odeal of my days on the floor as well...
I wish I was still sleeping on the floor... I wish he was tearing up the blinds like when he was a young dog with separation anxiety... I wish he was snoring right now next to me as I worked...
You can see my remembering Romeo post HERE, it's more photos than words

but life must go on, even if you don't want it to..

first peek

That was Thursday, today is Sunday and I have finally opened the Pooch Pax, and thankfully it was a box that I designed for my 7 1/2 month old very large English Mastiff/German Sheppard Puppies (Reba and Madison)  Opening the box still hurt... but everything right now still hurts (I will have Romeo's ashes back home in no more than 3 more days, maybe then I can start to least not be on edge) I am ready to get back to work on the blog and all the boxes that I have been ignoring for the last few days

so Pooch Pax was the first one I opened, I think that I will always think of Romeo when I see the logo for this box since I was looking at it as we drove him to clinic. That isn't a bad thing, I have many, many happy memories with Romeo...10 years of happy memories and now Pooch Pax is forever part of those memories and will always be connected to my forever faithful baby box in my Pooch Pax will likely have me as a customer for life now that I only see Romeo when I think of Pooch Pax...

cute little card included with the box (front)

this is the back of the card
Pooch Pax has a really cool monthly giveaway unlike any other I have seen... YOU post a photo of your dog enjoying their Pooch Pax to their facebook or Twitter accounts and you will be in a drawing to win you favorite photo of your pup on an 11 X  14 ready to hang canvas...right now I can honestly say that prizze is far better than any other I could imagine receiving... that's a pretty cool prize... all the details are on the back of this card.

OK, what's in the box?
I immediately realized this was a box I was gonna like... more than one toy is the quickest way to my heart when it comes to my pus... now I only have 3 but I still need toys for all of them because it doesn't matter how many toys are on the floor they want what the other pup has (typical sibling behaviour) So we ALWAYS need more toys...lots of toys!

Spunkeez dog toy
Spunkeez Tug O war- $5.99- this is a basic rubber Tug O War Toy for dogs.  Miss Libby can play with this toy and she will love it, but the puppies (Reba & Madison) are not permitted to play tug O war because they are in service dogs in training and can never pay tug of war with their partner. Miss Libby even plays Tug O War with Tuffy so this will be a good toy for her.
A plush rope froggy
A-Plush Pet Toys Kermey The Frog 8"- $4.99- my pups (all of them) love these type of toys (plush + squeaker + rope all in one toy) I like seeing them happy and watching them play tog o war with each other with the arms and legs (the girls and play tug o war with each other just not with me since I am their handler,trainer and eventually will be their partner when I am in more need of help than I am now (we have time...and they can't go to school for a while yet anyways) This one is a HUGE hit since we had a similar toy that is a turtle (but I think the turtle has a rope body as well) since they fought over the turtle adding this to the toy rotation has cut down on sisterly snarls. 

Interactive Flash & Go Ball
Flash & Glow interactive dog ball- $9.69- we have a couple glow in the dark balls but this is a different color AND it flashes.. so big bonus.. I think Reba will like the flashy ball (I think Libby will be scared of it and Madison wants what Libby has so Reba will get this one all to her self and she will love it)
Smoochers drops with yogurt
Exclusively Dog Smoochers drops with yogurt $11.34- I didn't know yogurt treats for dogs existed... but I love the idea. My pups love pumpkin flavored treats so I think they will love this (right now were are working through a bag of freeze dried liver, and some coconut carob cookie things but then I will give these a try next) we go through a LOT of treats (especially "the girls" because they are in training and I use treats as reward) I love discovering fun, healthier options for my fur babies in boxes.

Himalayan Yaky Yam Lotsa Chicken
Himalayan Dog Chew Yaky Yam Lotsa Chicken $ 4.99- a gluten free, high protein treat that helps build muscle in younger dogs and is good for lactating mothers too....yest another brand I knew nothing of before today... I love that it is gluten free (and I would have used it for Romeo exclusively if he were still with us as I was removing gluten from his diet to help with the joint inflammation he had) I will happily add this into our treat rotation for the girls (and it won't "hurt" Miss Libby to have them either)

Bacon Twist 
Smokehouse pet products Bacon Twist -$3.16- These are always popular in this house, but surprisingly it is Curran (aka baby litty) who is all over it while I am tying this review I finally had to put him in the bathroom until I finish...

All totaled my Pooch Pax was valued at $40.16, and the cost of this box is 19.00-29.00 depending on which plan you get (monthly, 3 month , or 6 month) so the box is a GREAT value. I like when boxes include multiple toys (I have multiple dogs so that is important to ME...I know for others ya'll may have a different priority and that's cool too and why I review so many boxes so you can see what your option are and make the choice on what is right for YOU and YOUR family (humans and furry) 
remember that if you use the code "DRAGON" you get $5.00 off your 3 month (making it just $67 for 3 months) or a  6 month subscription for just $114 for 6 months making it just about as affordable as it gets for doggy boxes!
AND....the very kind folks over at Pooch Pax has offered to give a Pooch Pax box to one of my readers as well ... I love it when I get to review a box plus give one away to ya'll as well especially for brand new boxes that we are all super excited about "testing it out for ourselves"


  1. My favorite item is the tug-of-war toy, as my dog loves playing! And again, so sorry for your loss. Romeo sounds like he was a great dog!

  2. Well my favorite is the frog tug toy but I think my pups might like the Exclusively Dog Smoochers drops with yogurt best. So many great things in this box; it's really hard to choose a favorite. mary987 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. like the smoochers drops cause I think that's what my dog would like the best

  4. The frog toy looks cute and fun.
    But this whole box looks great and would make a great Christmas gift for my dog!

  5. Himalayan Yaky Yam Lotsa Chicken

    it looks like very good quality.

  6. I love the flash and glow ball! I've been seeing these everywhere and I think my dog would go crazy over it. It would make for a great toy at the dog park at dusk!