Sunday, November 24, 2013

November Little Fun Club review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a new children's box called  The Little Fun Club.... never one to turn down the chance to find s new box of greatness for my son I was all over it. I have never seen a review of the Little Fun Club, but the webpage said it would include 3 books, puzzles, or educational games every month on an age appropriate level. The cost of The Little Fun Club is $25 monthly.

As you can see above the box was quite large and I was surprised, I guess you get used to what you "think" a box looks like and then when one looks unique it sticks in head...anyway This large square box arrived very quickly 

Once you open the mailing box, you pull out a paper wrapped stack of fun. I liked the way it was delivered and packaged nice and simple but still "clean and classic" This stack was heavy... nowI was really excited to see what was in there!

This was my first peek, I liked what I saw of it right away it appeared to be two books and a puzzle (well actually it is 3 books and a even better)

Tuffy LOVES books...and is finally getting into puzzles more these days so this was a great box for him.

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett $7.49- This book has the best illustrations ever in a board book... and the story is cute too. I will be looking to order more from this author. 

If You can ... We Can! By Beth Shoshan illustrated by Petra Brown-$12.99- Cute story and beautiful illustrations. I like that it isn't a board book since he is finally learning NOT to tear pages from books (that was a hard learned lessor and a lot of pricey books I though we MUST have that first christmas are gone and need to be rebought)

Puzzle Town At the zoo by Roger Priddy $11.66- This is such a cute idea, it's a book AND a puzzle...the board book tells the story and you use the puzzle pieces to match up to the animal from the story on each page... it all stays together in the little case it comes with (so not puzzle pieces getting lost under or inside the sofa) I have put this aside as a Christmas Gift but I KNOW Tuffy will absolutely LOVE this (which is WHY it is going to be a gift)

This photo shows that the book and puzzle is housed in this little case and closes to look like on large book.

All totalled my first box from Little Fun Club was valued at $32.14, the box sells fro $25 a month so you are getting GREAT books, puzzles and educational games when aged appropriate for just $25.00 a month.. and you are not the one trying to figure out when you can get to the big mega bookstore...really how often do you have time for Barnes & Noble? I know I personally simply can't do it but I hate just blindly picking books off the internet... no worries, the owners of the Little fun club are doing that for you...and you won't get something that they would approve of for their own son...I love that I can  get the books I WANT without spending a fortune, plus I am not just guessing at what to buy... this is perfect for me since I am homebound this time of year... I have to be careful year round, but flu season is scary, scary.... My Dr wants me home getting an infusion and to see my mother 2 times a month with no other people there to risk germs...I can't go look for Tuffy's books myself but it looks like I can trust this family to pick appropriate books  and activities for my son.

first thing I  have for Ya'll Is a discount code "DRAGONLFCFUN" that will take 15% off ANY orders between now and 12/15/13.

The very kind folks over at Little Fun Club have also offered a box for one of the dragon slayer mommy readers to win as well...

I will launch the Giveaway in a few hours (it's 3:36 Am and I haven't slept yet working on blog stuff ...I am calling it a night/morning...I will get the giveaway up around 4PM today...and good luck ya'll this is a GREAT box!

***I received this item free of charge for review purposes, as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and I did not received compensation in any way for my review***


  1. I would love to win this for my daycare kids!

  2. Our favorite at the moment is Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. We have several favorites but this one has to be read several times until the Monkey falls asleep.

  3. Subscribed today, can't wait to get the books.