Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Ipsy is a subscription that I am still a bit "new" at... I think this is only my 4th month (I am not a HUGE makeup fanatic, so I didn't think I "needed" it ...after numerous readers saying I should give it a try I finally did..and I actually am pretty happy MOST of the time (they thankfully usually send me skincare, polish and hair stuff with a small amount of makeup)

When I heard the theme this month was "Glam it Up" I knew I was in trouble...Glam is not my thing... BUT I am determined to TRY new things so  embraced this ...

also everyone did receive an "extra item" this month...nit=r,ally there are 5 this month 6.

there were 16 possible products (and as usual some that everyone got no matter what then the others were issued voa Ipsy match for item AND color)

OK, Here we go...

Be a BombShell lip crayon in Shameless $14.00- I love lip products of any kind (well not lip liner) This was a PERFECT shade for me...I like the way it feels and the stay power...happy to get this and super happy that it was full size....LOVE,LOVE,LOVE

Starlooks Gem eye pencil in Topaz (silver) $14.00- this is silver eyeliner...I really don't know what more to say about that... I am 40, my club days are far behind me... and silver eyeliner is pushing too far on the comfort zone...this will be passed on to someone who will appreciate it, I DO like Starlooks kohl eye pencil so I am am sure this one is good quality as well...AND it IS full size 

BH Baked eyeshadow galaxy chic in Neptune-$4.59- call it neptune if you's is a deep BLUE, not even gonna think about this one...I already did the "80s" thing back in the 80's when I was in wasn't a good look for me then and somehow I doubt time marching across my face helped that any...this one will also be passed on to someone who will enjoy it.

Nailtini polish in Champagne-$6.00- This I will wear, glad to see something not so "bright" ... as I said I KNEW when I saw the theme it would be a rough month for me. I like nailtini polish so this was a win/win again, it was full size.

EM lash gallery dramatic volume mascara (black)-$20.00- I was never so happy to see a black mascara in my life. I started off thinking Oh Geeze, I don't NEED more mascara..but you know what I really like this one and it was a nice boring neutral color (just like I like it) In all seriousness, this is a really nice mascara and yep...full size!

Pixie Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched$ 18.00- know what I have never really used a bronzer, I don't know why just never bought one...and the ones I get in boxes have been too dark, but this looks like a perfect color and I am excited to try it out and learn how to use it properly...and would love any input or suggestions please. and again with the full size.

All totalled my November "Glam It Up"  Ipsy Glam bag was valued at $ 76.59!!! and this bag is only $10.00 a even though a few of the items were not fore me t was still worth the money ...seriously all but one them was full size (the blue eyeshadow was one piece of a collection) How can you NOT think Ipsy is a good deal.

Ipsy does have a waitlist so I highly suggest getting on it ASAP...they will ask for CC info but not charge you until you get email you are off waitlist and you have to tell them"ok yes charge my card" I do think they are giving you a way around the waitlist these days sending an email saying if you like them on Facebook you can bypass the wait but that may have been a short promo...not sure.

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  1. That looks like a good one. Maybe santa will let me subscribe!!!

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