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November Citrus Lane Box Review

November Citrus Lane Box

One of the many boxes that I subscribe to for 6 months at a time is Citrus Lane, Typically there is a wide variety of good quality items... Since I seldom get to go shopping these boxes are how we find new things... Citrus Lane seldom disappoints....

First peek into the box,I was kinda bummed at first look... I knew tuffy was right on the verge of box ages. I have him aged up about 5 months for Citrus Lane since we get so many boxes i have some aged up so that we seldom get duplicates and it's always easier to grow into items than to deal with items that are "too young" this is one time I wish we had received the box for  his true age (29 months) Not that this is a bad box...I just liked that one better...but to be honest we needed this stuff around the house so it's all good.

Tiny Prints voucher code for 4 sets of address labels from Tiny Prints -$0.00 (you still have to pay shipping unless you spend over $99.00) so I guess I am paying shipping.Although one thing to note you CAN use this with other offers and discount codes. I personally use Tiny prints for various things already so I have some "thank you" codes I plan to play with and see how good a deal I can end up with this weekend... if it's anything stellar I will let ya'll know... I will not be adding this into the value of the box since you have to pay shipping...

Faber-Castell 12 Jumbo Beeswax Crayons $7.00- These crayons are nice and chunky so perfect for little toddler hands. they are not round crayons they are triangular shape  so they don't roll around,,,so they stay on the art table not on the floor where I step on them. the colors are bright but limited.

Faber Castell Doodling Pad $8.20   this is a basic doodle pad 6 X 9 and bound with adhesive at the top not a spiral, this is more a construction paper type pad though than a regular pad..the paper is in various colors.
(this is ONLY 2.99 PLUS 5.21 of those deals and it was that way everywhere I looked so I added it into the cost since I found it to be that way everywhere give or take a few cents)

Bumpkins reusable lunch bag $12.95- Tuffy isn't in school or anything yet so we don't really "need" lunch bags BUT this will be good to have on days when we will be come most of the day or if we are out doing some activity (museum, zoo, vacation) and I need an insulated bag... or hubby can use it to take his lunch too I guess.

Organica saurus Cheddar Cheese snacks- $1.78 - we have had these before and Tuffy really enjoys them (they are a baked corn snack so NOT like a goldfish which is what I thought the first time) I had meant to order some for his Christmas Stocking so I am glad I got these as a reminder.

Green Toys Build A Sandwich set (7 piece single sandwich not the WHOLE set) -$7.12 - OK for this I took the cost of the 2 sandwich set and just used 1/2 the cost since these took the original sets and broke them in to individual sandwich sets (which is why some are "round" sandwiches" and some are "square" the actual set as it is sold from Green toys has both sandwiches in it.
all that being said.... I am happy to have this, just this month Tuffy has started playing "restaurant" he has had the sesame street restaurant in his play room over a year and rarely used it now all day long he makes my food and takes my order...we moved it near my desk... works great he is happy and entertained and I can get some blogging done.

All totaled my November Citrus Lane Box was valued at $37.05, which is pretty good considering it is $25.00 a month right now (mine is a bot less since I had a 6 month subscription you get a discount) Obviously this was not a WOW month for Citrus Lane in the age bracket this box was designed for (Tuffy is aged up to 35 months) I will say that MOST months the value IS much higher than this..but these are items that will be sued and used often.. I also do NOT add the value of the address labels to this total since you have to pay shipping (but I personally WILL be getting the address labels so it does add value to MY box but I know many moms who were NOT going to use it since you have to pay shipping and as I have said I only count it towards the value if it is 100% free to use for everyone.

Also if you use code "TAKEHALF" you can get your first box for $12.50 to the confusing stuff...
Citrus Lane is changing box structure for new customers see below photo for details (I MUST try that new deluxe box) but if you get the basic box and use the code "TAKEHALF" it will only cost you $6.00 for you first's that for a good deal (for reference this box is now their "middle" classic box)

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  1. My daughter is 28 months and got the same box. I was really hoping for the snack bags and plate!