Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Birchbox Review

Birch Box is still one of my favorite boxes every month, it is also one of the most affordable boxes you can get a month. I have always been pretty happy with my Birch Boxes in the past with very few exceptions. I have discovered that Birch Box is like a bottle of wine it just better and better with time.

I knew when I saw the list on my acount I was going to be happy, of course I didn't know which colors, scents, flavors I would receive so it was still a suprise...and I love that they included a holiday guide.

The them for the November Birch Box is "more good" which is very fitting since this kicks off the season of eating, the season of giving, the season of shopping, and just the season of "more" in general

Most of the boxes I have seen this month were pretty awesome, mine was pretty good too...I did see "better" but I am very happy with mine personally.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter pencil $18.00- Ok, so here is one of my dirty little secrets... I have never used a highlighter before... nope..I haven't so I was very happy to get this in my box...I am gonna watch some youtube videos to figure out the 10 different ways to use this guy....please leave comments with suggestions...consider this makeup 101 for dummies...I welcome ANY and ALL advice!

It's a 10 Miracle Leave in product- (2 oz) - $6.25- This is a bit strong smelling (but the scent isn't unpleasant so that's fine with me) I love the way it feels and it works very well... best part...you can even buy this at Target...I do recommend this (you will still need a styling product this is just for the damaged hair , or at least for me ) I still use my Gnarly Whale beach hair and a hair oil with orange and ylang ylang to style my hair with this product.

Color Club polish (Dark and Stormy from new cocktail collection)  $8.00- as usual my polish photos turned out horrific..I am sorry.. this is a beautiful dark silver/grey chrome look. I actually think it will pair very well with deep turquoise perhaps with a fancy two shade mani.

Chuao popcorn pop mini chocolate bar $1.24- totally unexpected little bar...I thought "pop corn" and chocolate...a classic sweet/salty combination...HA HA fooled me....pop rocks!!! ... I LOVED it!

Tiossan Body Cream (flamboyant) 0.25 oz $1.19- I am on a big lotion kick recently (my meds really dehydrate me...even my skin,lips, and hair are screaming for moisture due to the meds) I am usually happy to get lotions and creams in any of my boxes...this was no exception. When I realized the scent I was getting was "Flamboyant" I expected it to be an overpowering scent...really it isn't...to me it just smells feminine but "earthy" does that make sense..it is "supposed" to smell like this description below...I gess my nose isn't that "sophiticated...I like the scent just fine...but didn't get all that... I would love to see this turn up in more boxes , my stocking, or a gift basket perhaps but not sure I would spend the $389 for a full size (and I AM the type that will spend that much AND more on lotions and hand creams when the knock mt socks off...this is a good lotion, but not "OMG" good...
Joyful citrus top notes dance zestfully among the floral heart notes of honeysuckle and peony. Hints of musk and amber top off this fragrance to infuse your spirit with sparkle and vivacity.
Top Notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon.
Heart Notes: Peony, Honeysuckle.
Base Notes: Amber and Musk.

Also included was a BB Holiday Guide, which is cute and useful especially when I am stuck at a Dr office with no WiFi and need something to read...cute ideas that I likely wouldn't have stumbled across in the shop since most of the time I know what I want when I go into the shop to buy something, BUT I still think my next BB shopping spree will be Tocca or L' OCCITANE related.

All totaled my November BirchBox was valued at $34.68...considering it is only $10.00 a month you just can't beat the value of Birch box...really it's consistently good, these days even better than good most months and you get $5.00 in "review point" so how can you NOT subscribe to Birchbox...

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