Monday, November 25, 2013

November Bark Box Review

I think by now all of ya'll realize my four legged children as every bit as important as my 2 legged children to me. These Dog Boxes are REALLY REALLY hard for me to review this month... it just worked out that most of them arrived between the time I lost my Romeo and the time his ashes were returned to me... These boxes they just stacked up...I couldn't open them , I just couldn't (even though I have 3 dogs still at home who desperately wanted them opened...they do know which boxes are for them)

I actually get two of the exact same Bark Boxes every month (hey, my "big girls" are still puppies weighing in at over 80 pounds already and are aggressive, very aggressive chewers we go through a LOT of toys and treats)

Obviously I had to open them, and as always they are great... but the reviews are even harder than opening the box...Just now when i logged into my Bark Box account to grab my referral code to do this review....I realized this particular box is set up in Romeo's name.... I knew eventually that would happen with one of the boxes and perhaps that is why O kept putting off these reviews (I did email bark Box and ask them to change the Profile...I made this box for Reba now who is in training to be my service dog)

so let's see what my beloved Romeo received in HIS last box...

this is one review I would rather not do, but I will...for him...

I spy a fun looking plush faux wool toy and what is that something abut a "bark shop" yes...Miss Libby says please oh, please!

This month's Bark Box is all about Dogs and the dinner appropriate for Thanksgiving...

This little card alerted me to the bark Shop feature, which I was unaware of... gonna have to pick up a few spare toys I believe. I would love to see some doggy stockings stuffed full of goodies coming soon.

Pet Safe Pogo Plush (Slap Happy)- $7.33- My dogs are loving being able to grab a "tentacle" and play tug o war..there is enough leg thingy for all three of them to play together which I love seeing them play together and it is a stuffing free toy which makes me super is also squeaky which makes Madison happy.

Bocce's bakery Truffle mac & Cheese 5oz- $7.87- It appears they recently changed their looks like this oink is the new packaging...I like the oink better. My pups have had these before and scarf them down so I was happy to see them in this box.

Yumzies Jerky Chews made with real Duck- $15.50- we haven't tried these before and I know my  Libby girl LOVES duck treats (I don't think reba & Madison have had duck yet) This is being set aside for their stockings...or maybe Thanksgiving.

Twistix Vanilla Mint Dental Chews large size chews (7ct) $7.57- Well, I'll be... I never heard of such a thing... I mean I have bought the furbabies dental chews before, but NOT vanilla mint ones... it's like a tic tac for your pup, and it REALLY works...Thank Goodness because Miss Liberty Bell (Libby) has breath that could peel paint.....these just became a MUST HAVE for my house!

All totalled my November Bark Box (for large dogs) was valued at $ 38.27, the regular month to month cost is $29.00 a box (it is MUCH more affordable to get a multiple month prepaid subscription)

to save $5.00 (making our first box just $24.00) you can just CLICK HERE to subscribe or aan automatic $5.00 discount no code required

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