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November Austin Lloyd Box Review & Discount Code

November Austin Lloyd box
When I received this new box from Austin Lloyd toys in the mail yesterday I literally squealed with excitement as I opened it... This is everything I have wanted in a box for my's like they read my mind!

Ok, let me backtrack a bit and tell you about this box before I start all the gushing love of the items...

Last week when I was given the opportunity to review a new box of toys from Austin Liloyd I of course jumped all over it... review a new box for babies/toddler right before the holiday shopping season launches...YOU BET...I am all about new subscription boxes to introduce to ya'll in time to add it to you holiday shopping list or wish list 9in fact I have a whole new series of posts about just that very topic starting this weekend)

I had done a quick look at Austin Lloyd's page and remember thinking that I liked the crisp, clean professional design of the page and he toys pictured looked to be higher end toys as well as books... that's about all I new...they asked my son's name and age and shipped me a box for review purposes....

then...Ta Da....

Ok so even the BOX stands apart from many of the competitors with the cute stork on the front, the box was sealed with a custom stationery sticker as well (didn't get a photo of that) but some of you kow how much I love stationary (any paper goods) so we were already off to a good start...

open the box and this is what I see... a gift tag with  "Tuff David" (Tuffy's real name) and an envelope again with the custom stationary and sticker with cardstock individual info cards for all the products that are still hidden below a box insert...

The front of the envelope shows the age bracket you chose at sign up

I did get a photo of the sticker seal this time... yes I am easily impressed but really so few people appreciate the art of nice stationary these days... so this went a LONG way with me!

the first card in the envelope just explains where your child should be in terms of play concepts and milestones...and reminds you of how he has developed over the last 2 years.

OK, already...on to the goodies!!!

I Am A Garbage Truck board book
I Am A Garbage Truck by Ace Landers $4.49- this is a cute book, my little guy is into all this vehicular right now so this will be a major hit! He hasn't seen it yet because I am putting this aside for our month of books coming up next week. (Our house elf brings books every night between Thanksgiving and Christmas) 

Soft Shapes Trucks by iKids $ 6.99- This is a book & Puzzle all in one plus since it is made of a foam substance it's also a bath toy. Tuffy saw this sitting on my desk (the info card, not the book... I NEVER have toys/books/box items I am reviewing out unless he is asleep or in another room with his daddy or sisters... melt down city...anyways he saw the info card and started telling me he wanted that for S'Prize (he gets a weekly "surprise" while I do chemo or bio infusions and he wants this as his next surprise already this box is paying off and he hasn't even SEEN the toys yet!)

Vehicle Gear Toy by Melissa & Doug- $9.99- I love Melissa & Doug's wooden toys (well mot of their entire line is more accurate) This will not only teach him about gears and how things move, but will aid in fine motor skill development and matching (since he can move the gears to color coordinated pegs as well) The fact that it is a wooden toy is like a plus 10 on the bonus hubby and I prefer Tuffy to have wooden toys and hands on interactive toys so this delivers on all levels!

Mini-Vehicle Fire Brigade by Haba -$19.99- well as I said above we are all about the wooden toys in our house and my son is in love with all things cars and trucks...but my son's "ultimate" toys are his "fire"toys...he loves his fire trucks, little people fire station, he has a fireman dress up set..he just really loves fire trucks so this was almost perfect (if it were the full size I would have called it perfect...but he is still gonna be sooo happy with this and since it meets our wooden interactive preferences we are happy too)

Parent's Ready, Set, Go! Large Car by Manhattan toys for parent's magazine- $20.00 (I did see it as low as $13.50 but then you had to pay $7.25 shipping so I stuck with the $20) Well you have already seen what I have to say about our love of woon cars so I won't repeat all that but this is adorable. The little man driving the car has a painted on face but it isn't "over done" it is bright and simple...perfect for my 30 month old....simple is all he needs most of the time (we DO allow him to use the iPad and computer but supervised and limited)

All totalled this November box from Austin Lloyd was valued at $61.46. The Box sells for $49.99 a month, with discount for multiple month subscriptions. The webpage also breaks down the play levels into very clear and concise physical & congestive milestones...because they understand not "all" 2 yrs olds would be ready for a certian item... you let them know where YOUR child is on the play level chart as well as age and then they get a box for the correct "play level" which is really wonderful for children with delays in some areas but not others.
Also a really cool thing about Austin Lloyd  is that they offer a donation program. Basically when you are done with toys & books they send you 9as in your munchkin ages out of them) if you would like you can send them back to the company and they will donate them to children in need...of course it is completely voluntary you DO NOT have to return the toys.

This box again is $49.99 a month , and as long as you order by the 26th of the month you can get a box before Christmas ...and the kind folks over at Austin Lloyd are offering a 10% discount on all orders to Dragon Slayer Mommy readers just use the code "dragon2013" at checkout

I get a LOT of children's boxes, but this one does seem to be "different" perhaps it is that all the toys were wooden and then books..perhaps it was that ALL items encourage imaginative play and encourages use of problem solving and fine motor skills...whatever it was...I simply LOVE this is a COMPLETE home run for us on every gave me everything I have ever wanted in a box for my son (except clothes...throw in some kate Quin or Warrior Poet and I would have died and gone ot toddler box heaven)

***I received this item free of charge for review purposes, as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and I did not received compensation in any way for my review***

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