Monday, November 25, 2013

It is the season of GIVING... today I ask that you consider making a donation to the ISDF

International Still's Disease Foundation, Inc.

PLEASE...I ask that if you can see this then SHARE this...even if "you" can't help...maybe a friend of a friend of a friend can... donations mean the world to someone who's only ope for a cure lies in research....but before research comes awareness... and THAT each and everyone of you can help with... my friends and family ...if you get me NOTHING else this holiday season, that is fine with me...just share...and maybe if you can spare $5.00...even $2.00 think of how much that would be from everyone I know and reach through my various social media outlets and my blog.... what if it was you, your child, our loved one that suddenly became a dragon slayer... wouldn't you want money to fund vital things for the very foundation that DOCTORS  are going to for information...most doctors have to get their literature through the ISDF as well... less than you spend on a soda at a drive through...that's all I ask... if everyone could do JUST that  it would literally mean EVERYTHING to those like me who need to get the word out that we need research, meds specifically for our disease (because chemo sucks...especially  when it is once a week for the rest of your life) I have accepted in MY lifetime there isn't likely to be a cure...BUT the ground work is being laid now by myself and others like me who are not going to just "accept" this fate... I will shout from the rooftops that awareness means research and research means better meds, better quality of life and eventually a CURE... isn't that what you would want more than anything in my position???

~This Plea comes from ME (the Dragon Slayer Mommy, Kimberee Parkhouse)...I do NOT speak for the foundation but a heart felt plea of my own to please donate to the foundation (please  DO NOT send the money to me personally...there are links below for various ways to donate...none of which do I have direct access too...). I have been given permission to use the ISDF's official dragon and logo as a link for donations (also there is permanent link on the main page of my blog)~

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