Monday, November 11, 2013

Give Back This Holiday Season...5% of your Amazon and Walmart Purchases to help slay the dragon

International Still's Disease Foundation, Inc.

OK ya'll... we get asked daily "what can I do to help", or hear "I wish someone would do SOMETHING to get more info on Still's" well folks time to take action...

With the Holiday season coming up and many of us doing our shopping online the EASIEST way you (and anyone you know) can help...simply shop as you normally would..really, it is THAT simple... many websites including will automatically donate a precentage of your proceeds to The foundation and it will not cost you/your family/your friends/you neighbors/anyone you can get the word out to that gets rid of the excuse of "I want to help, but I can't afford to give anything"

Ok second option..

we are NOW registered with Amazon Smile...what does that mean to you...well get this... Amazon will automatically donate 5% of your purchase to the foundation every single time you (or anyone else) shops Amazon.... OK I know that I order from Amazon weekly all year long (shop and save program) and during the holidays about 90% of my shopping in on Amazon...that's a LOT of money for the foundation if you simply register and shop through the smile program...again it will not cost you NO EXCUSES

and of course as all ways you can make a donation through Paypal ...and we do NEED donations....this is a 100% volunteer,non profit foundation and it takes money to do things like create, and send out brochures and to run the website... everyone has suggestion and requests on what we "should" do ...but those things are not free...someone HAS to pay for them...all money for anything done comes from's that simple!

the links and how to sign up for the programs that will automatically donate to the foundation every time you shop is found at the link

Please, Please, Please tell everyone you know about the Amazon program...this is huge and could really bring much needed funds...and it costs nothing...only shop as you normally would... 

and a big thanks to Patricia Boerner for getting this set up just in time for the holidays and for "give Tuesday" which is tomorrow and the biggest day of the year for non profit donations!

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