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Fall FabFitFun VIP

Fall FFF box

My Fab Fit Fun VIP actually arrived a few weeks ago, but I was wanting to finish up my October boxes before I reviewed it... still not quite done with October (have 4 boxes left) but I really need to jump into November before the "rush" of boxes that ship mid month...

the box that we had all waited so long for!
This was my first Fab Fit Fun VIP, box, I subscribed during a promotion they had over the summer so I also received an extra item in this fall box as a "bonus" that was part of that promotion...
This is the third box from Fab Fit Fun VIP , which ships AND bills Quarterly $49.99 and although they are still working out some issues in their system I had decided to go ahead and get the fall and winter Fab Fit Fun VIP boxes for myself. I am glad I did!

first peek into the box
by the time my box arrived I already knew what was in it since as I posted a month or so ago the contents of the box were published in an interview with Giuliana Rancic (who curates this box) Although which colors of some items to be received were unknown and the interview didn't mention the gift card.

FFF info card

The info card for FFF unfolds to reveal a whole page to give detail of the products enclosed and gives subscribers info on how to win an iPad.

OK...on to the box...

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam $28.00- this is liquid to foam cleanser that delivers a "burst" of Oxygen as well as vitamin C. This is made to mimic a portion of the famed triple oxygen facial at Bliss Spa.
Also included was a $25.00 discount for the triple oxygen facial at Bliss Spa. We do have a Bliss Spa in Dallas (about an hour and 1/2 away from me) I "might" use this but I am more inclined to say that I won't...and since it is a $165 facial you definitely need to spend money to use this so I will not include this in the value of the box.

Surface Trinity Protein Cream
Surface Trinity Protein Cream -$24.00- This is rumored to be one of the best "blowout" creams... I have never used a "blowout" cream so I wouldn't know (I seldom blow dry my hair since I am home bound) I do have a great deal of items to defrizz and add shine so I can tell you this worked very well in that department and actually better than the more expensive product I am currently using. As it gets cooler here I will blow dry my hair more often (still warm most days in TX) I am excited to see what it does for blow drying since that what everyone says is so great about it.

Pur-lisse soy milk cleanser (Bonus item for those who ordered this summer)

Pur-lisse-Pur Soy Milk Cleanser -$33.00 this was the "bonus" item that I received for signing up when I did this summer. This was included in the Summer box and everyone who signed up over the summer received it in their fall box as well. I haven't used this yet (I have more cleansers than you can imagine) I plan to gift this to a family member for Christmas.

SpaRitual Lacquer

SpaRitual Lacquer-$12.00 I actually do not have any SpaRitual polish, but at my last spa day when I had my mani/pedi they used this brand and it lasted a long time. This Color is described as an ebony creme but it is more of a burgundy to me. (Relache' Spa inside the Gaylord Texan is my favorite for those in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area or will be here traveling...a full day of heaven is not TOO expensive and they have an extensive list of individual services and packages)

Starlooks Casa Blanca Pallette

Starlooks 5 Shade Shadow Palette  (Casa Blanca)- $41.00-These are GREAT colors especially for those who are into the smokey eye. I have a few Starlooks items from various boxes and have always found Starlooks to be a good brand as well. I haven't decided if I am gifting this or keeping it.. I "think" that I am gifting it as part of a bx I am working on for a Christmas swap (not the box group one don't get too box group swap is a toddler)

Health Warrior Chia Bar

Health Warrior Chia Bar (coffee flavor) $1.56 - I have never heard of these before, and they are not something I would normally eat but the princess will love it these type bars are perfect for her.

Orville Redenbacher popcorn

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (classic butter & Sea Salt)- $2.17 I know not everyone was happy to see this in their box but to be honest popcorn is my FAVORITE snack (usually sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and Tabasco sauce) so although it wasn't something I was expecting to find in a VIP box it certainly made me happy... no complaints from me!

Bright Pink's Brighten Up Card

Bright Pink's Brighten up card and alert sticker-(priceless) Obviously as a breast cancer survivor this is something that Guiliana feels very deeply about so she has included this in the boxes so every woman has the information needed to have an informed discussion with their physician/family, and friends about breast & ovarian's small enough to keep in your purse (or the pouch of your Erin Condren planners ladies...yea, ya'll know who I am talking to)

Gorjana Scarf & $25 coupon code

Gorjana Canary Scarf - $57.00- This is the item that convinced MANY women to order this fall box (I had already ordered mine when this was announced but it made me happy since the scarf alone is worth more than the cost of the box) Scarves seem to be all rage right now and I now have more than I will ever need here in Texas, but this one is much lighter weight than I expected so perfect for Texas weather. I need to learn how to "wrap the scarf to lay properly" anyone know where I can learn different ways to do that?

Awkward family photos mini game

Awkward Family Photo's mini game pack $1.00- I have seen the webpage awkward family photos, but did not know a game was made from it (I know, I know...I live under a rock) This will be something fun to do perhaps at Thanksgiving between the parade and the Cowboy's game (a bit of NFL trivia: The Dallas Cowboys ALWAYS play on Thanksgiving day the team they play against changes and over the years more teams play but originally it was Dallas and whoever their opponent that particular year)

Drinkwell capsules

Drinkwell-$3.00- I will admit that I have never tried these or the others like it on the market since I don't drink at all because of the chemo meds being so hard on my liver , but my adult daughters being in their early 20's they drink... perfect little additions to their stocking stuffers.

Fall Fab Fit Fun Box

all totaled my Fall Fab Fit Fun VIP box was valued at $202.73 ad that is without adding in the coupon code for $25 off Gorjana OR the $25 at Bliss spa (which I will definitely use the G&G coupon) with the coupon codes the value is $252.73...but I usually don't count anything you have ti spend money to use towards the "value" of the box did have an additional item that not ALL boxes had but anyone who ordered over the summer did receive... I included it in my box because it WAS part of the box that I "ordered" since the promotion was get it free with purchase. Since this box is $49.99 a quarter (which breaks down to $16.66 a month if you really want to get technical) this is one of the best "bang for your buck" boxes out there... 
 right now with code "FB10" you can order your first box (Winter box) for just $39.99 . Just click HERE and enter the code at checkout.

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