Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bentley Box: an Interview Introduction

One of the boxes releasing this Holiday Season will be Bentley Box,  I recently had the opportunity to ask the owner/creator Jaclyn Long a few questions about the upcoming launch and what we can expect to see from Bentley Box in the future.
I met Jaclyn months ago on an online forum for a children's clothing subscription box, when she told me she was planning to start a box company that did clothing for little ones I was very excited for her...and for myself  I miss getting Warrior Poet and Kate Quinn in the mail (hey, say what you will but Wittlebee was great at one time and they introduced me to some awesome brands)

Tell me about Bentley Box and the different levels of boxes you will offer:
so far I have a basic box and a premium. the basic box is $33 for 4-5 items which could include toys, books, puzzles, accessories, toiletries, snacks, crafts, etc. My motto is quality over quantity. I also have the premium which is the basic box plus 4 items of clothing from a range of companies I am working with. Kate Quinn will be one of them, as I LOVE her clothing! Right now the clothing items will be a surprise but I encourage parents to put next to the clothing size any color preferences or any clothes they would dislike in the box.

What is the age range for Bentley Box's target audience?
my box is tailored to suit the needs of kids aged 0-8, both boys and girls

What made you decide to create Bentley Box?
I love sub boxes! And I have been a member of most of the kids ones... Wittlebee was my first, and I loved getting clothes for my son in the mail esp. the organic! I honestly hadn't even heard of organic clothes until I found wittlebee and was just astounded by the Littlest sparrow outfit he got one month. So soft and comfy! But after 2 months, it seemed as though the boxes were too good to be true and after discussing pros and cons of multiple boxes as well as "listening" to everyone's pet peeves of the kids sub boxes, I said Hey! I bet I could put together a sub box that parents and kids would love! So here I am today! Also, I grew up in a very small town in the Adirondacks of Ny, so we had to drive an hour to get anywhere to do shopping so the sub box idea really hits home for me. I really want to help parents provide fun, educational, healthy, and quality products for their kids while saving them time and energy that could be spent spending precious time with their young ones!

I know you prefer organic items, will you be looking for organic items/items made in the USA for Bentley Box?
I am mostly looking at or for people who started out like me... with a dream and followed it until they realized it. I do prefer organic and made in the USA and so far the companies I am working with are just that. I will NOT work with big name companies who promote or engage in low wages and child labor, even if that means my box has to cost more, that is against my morals.

Will you have a referral program (sorry, but you KNOW that is on everyone's mind as they read this...everyone wants a referral program.)
I am going to have a referral program in a few months once I get established, I am debating a few different program ideas.
As everyone knows, I support small businesses and like getting to know the owners of the company so I better understand their approach to finding/creating the products ...tell us a bot about yourself:
I am a single parent to a 3 1/2 year old boy named... Bentley! He is my inspiration for everything I do. Having a little one just reaffirms to me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it! I am also an RN at a local hospital. I have studied child growth and development, children's literature as well as some child psychology. I am originally from the Adirondacks in upstate NY, and moved to the Boston MA area in 2006. In my spare time (ha), I also do cake/cupcake baking and decorating.

I look forward to seeing what Bentley Box and Jaclyn have ion store for us... Rumor has it that we "might" be seeing some Warrior Poet shirts... I LOVE my son is Warrior Poet, dare I say I am a bit obsessed with their shirts? I can't wait...super excited to see some cute quality children's clothing arriving in my mailbox!

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