Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spoilers for the Fall Fab Fit Fun Box

So The entire box for the Fall Fab Fit Fun  box  was "leaked" to  OK magazine via an interview with Giuliana Rancic (which I am sure was done months ago) The thing is no one has received their fall box yet so we all know what's in it (since I am a spoiler kinda girl...fine with me, but I know some people like to be surprised so it kinda sucks for them) 

My box hasn't shipped yet (or if it has I haven't received shipping notification yet) so the "whole box" reveal was really not planned well...

Good News is now you know exactly WHAT is in it and if you want to buy it (there are still some left )

So here it s....
the fall Fab Fit Fun VIP box

(this information below  is courtesy of the many super sleuths at Make Up Talk who are pretty much NEVER wrong ...seriously, they are THAT good!) and Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom (just making sure I give everyone credit on this discovery)

also because when I signed up back in the summer they had a special going I will also receive an extra item that I know is this:

I think those who signed up in July and August were eligible to get this free cleanser

those who had billing issues when FFF had computer issues will also be receiving a bonus item (I think this one is still a total mystery)

The actual FALL box is valued at $177.50, the box with the extra cleanser for those of us who ordered during that promo is $213.50

Ok so WHAT do ya'll think about the fall FFF box, and especially how do you feel about it being released in a magazine interview BEFORE it every shipped???

I am very curious how others feel about the magazine release, as I said I would have found the spolers anyway but not all of you feel the same I am sure so let's discuss it!

So did you decide you want this box?

Click HERE and use code "FALLFIVE" to get $5.00 off your box which is normally $49.99 (but only every 3 months) 

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