Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sock panda September review

How cute are these...

Sock Panda- is a monthly subscription for some really fun socks. The have men and women's styles and yu can choose between bold socks (fun and wild designs that really stand out) or cool socks (designs that get noticed, but nothing to crazy) The Cost is $11 per month
I really don't remember if I picked cool or bold socks... I think it was the bold option...I LOVE socks, I have an entire drawer of "fun" socks..the plain white ones are in another drawer but I seldom wear them...I debated on getting this subscription for several months but finally decided to go for it when they had a special promotion and I am so glad that I did (I actually cancelled one of my undie subscription to keep this one)
I am a Texan, the view from my back porch is a heard of cattle... so thee socks are pretty darn perfect for me.. LOVE THEm, plus they are very comfortable and well made
I could only find this particular pair of socks on ebay, and by the time you bought the socks and paid shipping it was just about the same price as a normal month cost for sock panda (K Bell is the brand of these super cute Texas themed socks by the way)

Please enter my name (Kimberlee Parkhouse) in the "how heard" section of your sign up form... that is how they have me listed, not as the Dragon Slayer Mommy....and Thank You in advance for all of you who do sign up for any subscription through my links... I appreciate it and I could NOT do this blog without the help of the referral credits I get to help cover the cost of some of these boxes and giveaways... I appreciate each and every one of you that read my blog!

So what do ya'll think of sock panda? Some of ya'll have to be sock obsessed like I am...tell me about your craziest pair of many pair do you have (I just looked and I have 28 pair of "fun" socks in my drawer (fuzzy socks, crazy designs, the ones with "grippers' on the bottom, toe socks, socks for every holiday name it I have it1) I didn't count my regular white socks but I don't wear them often (I would guess I  have about 10 pair) 


  1. To be honest, I never even thought about subscriptions like this yet because I LIVE in my pumps, flats and sandals in the warm months. Now that it is getting colder, I've realized how badly I need these socks. So. Freaking. Cute!

  2. you should totally get you some...the jellyfish ones I just got are adorable