Friday, October 4, 2013

September woof wag play box Review

One of the boxes that I decided to subscribe to for 6 months I believe it was recently was Woof wag Play (I had been buying month to month for a while and decided it would be better to just pay for it in advance and get it out of the way)
Woof Wag Play is a unique Dog Box because it is totally about being organic, all natural , a "green" dog box if you will... Woof Wag Play also gives a portion of each sale made to doggies in need of medical care so that they can be adopted into a furever home... yea, that's pretty awesome, huh?


I always smile when I see Woof Wag Play's tissue paper (even my mm who was here once when I opened a box remembers the box by the paper) 

Also a little heads up... if you subscribe to woof way play's email newsletter you will also get an "extra" item in you box (although I will be honest I don't know which on is the "bonus" item, but it does seem I get more items than I used to so I know it's there,,,maybe I should suggest a little note letting us know what the "bonus item" for newsletter members is that month.

Woof Wag Play also will send a gift for your furry child on his/her birthday every year... Miss Libby got a cookie (and I think a bone shaped silicone baking tray to make more,,maybe that came from somewhere else though...either way they get a gift)

Bowser Beer ($3.33) this bottle of doggy "beer" is actually more like an all natural beef broth drink for your pup that also has some added benefits like a shiny coat, and helping with joints.... we have received this before from other boxes and Sir romeo Love really enjoys it (I have also given it as gifts)

Cloud Star brand Buddy Biscuits ($5.95) this particular variety of buddy biscuits are the soft and chewy duck flavor ones and my pups go crazy for them (I am using them to worth on Madison and Reba's puppy training right now and they will do anything I ask for one of these)

Wet Noses brand dog Treats with Apple & Carrot ($7.99) - I had never seen these before getting them in our box , and I just love the name "Wet Noses" how stinkin' cute is THAT... we haven't tried these yet, but I am sure my babies will love them.

PetLou Stuffed squeaky hedgehog 8" -($5.49) - This is a great toy, my "baby brother" as we refer to my parents pampered shitzu has had one of these his entire life (mom and dad replace them when needed) I have this one ready to go in to our "toy rotation" when the pups need me to pull out new ones (it takes a lot of creativity and constant new items to keep two 60 pound 6 month old babies that are taller than I am on their hind paws entertained... I rotate their toys so they don't get bored...a bored puppy is a destructive puppy and so far I can only count on one hand the number of times these girls have really "broken ANY rules" but mostly I stay a step ahead of them which is a full time job PLUS my 2 yr old Toys in constant rotation saves my butt.... 

FUNdamentals squeak stick dog toy (in parrot green) $9.97- this is just a fun toy... my babies love it (even Romeo will occasionally grab it and hold it in his paws to make it squeak)

All totaled my Woof wag Play for September was valued at $32.73, the cost of this box is  $29 a month so the value was there (although most months the value is MUCH higher so remember that. also right now Woof Wag Play has a special going on...when you purchase a 3 month subscription you actually get your first box free (so you save $29.00) code is "FREEBOX1" just use the link ---->;Woof Wag Play....Also Woof Wag Play has asked that you post on their facebook page that the dragon slayer mommy sent you if you purchase this particular special or that you comment on this post that you ordered during this special...again this request was made my woof Wag Play...

***update added 10/5/13...Woof Wag Play Will now be offering a "grain free" box every month as well for those of you who can't or don't want to feed your pups items with grain in it...this is the first dog box available with a grain free option***

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  1. Awessome! I just received my first box this week from them. How do you think it compares to the BarkBox?