Thursday, October 3, 2013

September Kasten Pets Dog Box -brand new box company

A few weeks ago Kasten Pets was kind enough to offer me one of their first boxes to review, since I have 4 dogs you KNOW I was  not able to say "yes" fast enough! As with any "new box" you really don't know what to expect so my anticipation was increased... the pictures I had seen were of some pretty awesome boxes and I was really hoping mine would be pretty cool too...

And it WAS....

This was my first look into the box, right away I can tell it has a bunch of items and very little packing material (I like that ration) plus I see the "simply Fido " tag... and I know I like simply fido toys so this was starting off well!

Simply Fido Monkey Rope Toy ($12.99)- This is an organic, non toxic fun toy for my "baby girls" when they chomp on his tummy it squeaks and the arms and legs are ropes so they can chew...the two pups fight over this...they play tug of war with each other with it funny to watch such very large dogs playing like puppies...because they ARE still puppies (just now 6 months old) but weigh in at over 60 pounds already) this monkey is a huge hit and has held up to a lot of abuse already.Reba and Madison can't get enough of this little guy, I need to order more.

(on left) Simply Fido Plush Bone ($3.99) adorable little plush bone for a small dog or pup (this is too small for my dogs,(I don't think people realize how BIG my new puppies are (or how big they will become as adults...they should end up weighing more than I do if that gives you an idea)  but baby kitty likes it so it is now his I guess it's perfect for kittens too... I had planned to give this to my mom and dads shih tzu (Miller) but baby kitty seems to have claimed it as his own
(on right) JW brand Crackle Heads ($6.99) OMG!!! Miss Reba LOVES this is basically like putting a water bottle inside a ball (or at least that is the crackle sound it makes) and Reba loves water bottles (she grabs them when I am not looking) So Far this has held up well...and Miss Libby(my 3 yr old boxer) and Miss Reba (6 mth old English Mastiff/German Shepard mix) both are aggressive chewers they just LOVE this thing so it gets 4 paws up!

Dog's unleashed travel pet bowl ($6.99)- I have received several of these recently and this IS the cutest one of all the ones we have, but I just not need them really... I do keep one with the stroller for when we go on walks, and I have one in the truck for the RARE occasion we take the dogs somewhere... but IF we do take them somewhere I will be happy to have them so it's still a great item to have and this one really is cute (I will add it to the truck as well...with 4 dogs I really need more than one in the truck) This would be perfect for someone who goes to dog parks, long walks or travels with their pet (cats need water too)

Puppy Cake LLC puptato Chips ($4.99)  Sir  Romeo Love really enjoys these and I try to make sure he gets what he wants ... I want him to be a HAPPY pampered baby boy and try to make his golden years as easy as possible on him ...including having his favorite snacks on hand, he seldom goes out to play in the yard these days so he lays next to me where ever I am and I give him a "chip" every few minutes...yea, I know... he might get fat... news flash my Romeo Love is 10 yrs old and is not in the best of shape... I want him to be happy ... puptato chips make him happy (so does Mrs Barkfield's frozen smoothies for dogs)

Fruitables Pumpkin & Blueberry flavor treats ($4.99) - I don't think that we have seen this brand before, I like the idea of "fruit snacks" for the fu babies and they seem to enjoy them...and I love that it is 100% natural and you can smell the fruit in these little "cookies" I see more of these in our future!

***Bonus item*** espree hot oil treatment sample ($2.27) -this was not on the product info card in the box and is the only "sample" sized product in the box-  How did I NOT know this product existed???? this is an all natural skin/coat treatment for your dog... it says to warn the packet in hot water for a few minutes and then saturate and massage into coat leave it for 3 minutes and then rinse and shampoo as normal... umm...Miss Libby the puppy princess will be getting a spa day with mommy this weekend (she is my only short hair dog, but boxers are prone to dry itchy skin so this is perfect for her... I will admit I have used my own conditioner on her at time to help her skin)

Total value on my September Kasten Pets Box was $43.21 which is well above the monthly cost of this box which is $37 for the month to month box and price does down to $35 a month for the 3 month plan. Kasten Pets has been kind enough to offer the Readers of The Dragon Slayer mommy a $15 discount on a 3 month package the code is "DRAGON15OFF" which will bring you cosy to $30 a box each month. This is a really great box especially if you are looking for more toys. Most dog boxes send one toy a month and the rest is treats (and we like treats too) but Kasten Pets really knocked it out of the park with the toys, plus the hot oil treatment was a big plus for me (Miss Libby gets her own spa day...those who know that this full grown Boxer still wears clothes (and in chilly weather actually WILL refuse to go outside unless she is dressed) She really does seem to think she is a princess understand why giving her a spa day is so perfect)

So what did ya'll think of the brand new Kasten Pets Dog box? 

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