Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Homegrown Collective

Please excuse "baby Kitty" AKA Curran 's feet... he will be in MOST of these picture because well, he IS a cat and if he wants to stay put nothing will convince him to go elsewhere!
My Homegrown Collective arrived a couple days ago on one of my big mail days and I was like a kid on christmas because the hints I had seen about the box made me POSITIVE that this was gonna be "THE BOX"... and I was RIGHT... Call me crazy for getting all excited about this months theme "Back To School: Sustainable Laundry 101" but I will have to explain to you as I go through the review WHY this is the most perfect box in the world for me... I am so excited, you don't even know!!

See EVERYONE knew I was wanting soapnuts!!!

One of the things I love so much about the Homegrown collective is exactly what you see above... the customer service, attention to detail AND them getting to know their customers blows me away... I have said it before, and I will say it again... the customer service and the way that Mitchell personally goes above and beyond made me a customer for life with my very first encounter with the company.

First Look (and sniff)

Baby Kitty  (AKA Curran) really, really enjoy the boxes from the Home grown Collective since these boxes pretty much always include glass they are super cushioned with recycled brown paper and this amuses my playful fur ball for weeks!

I realized this evening as I was posting this it seems I didn't get my August box reviewed (I knew I missed a good deal of August boxes being so sick for so long but I can't believe I didn't post my Homegrown Collective box (and it was an awesome box too... homemade pomegranate dark chocolate cups anyone... I will find the photos from last months box and get that done soon, since this is a box I always want to make sure all of ya'll get to see! )


Ok, Here is the deal with me and this particular box... I wanted Soap nuts and I wanted them BAD... As in I even joined a co-op that was planning to do a soapnuts purchase next month (only joined it specifically for the soapnuts mind you). A week or so ago The Homegrown Collective posted a picture of Soapnuts on their Facebook page my response was "PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let this be our September box.... Mitchell over at "the collective" reminded me it is a "surprise" but I had soapnuts on the brain...a girl can dream, right...

I love to use all natural/organic items when at all possible for everything in my house (we currently have been using the Honest Company laundry detergent) so once I had read up on soap nuts a couple months ago I of course decided I MUST try them... these little babies are actually berries (dried of course) that produce saponin (which is basically a natural  detergent, you just tied these up in the muslin bag and toss them into your washer (even HE washers) these will last about 6 months from what I have read (possibly longer, but doubtful since we are potty training and do an extraordinary amount of wash every day)

Click Here to learn all there is to know about soap nuts!!! seriously you will be amazed and on a quest to get your hands on some like I was!
all the making to create your own laundry detergent, a bleach alternative AND a a soap for your hair and body

So I would have obviously been happy if the ONLY thing in this box would have been soapnuts (but as I have said MANY times The Homegrown Collective Green Box is an incredible box in a league of it own (seriously, I can't think of another box to compare it to ...there is nothing else like it on the market...this is a MUST HAVE box in our house!
Since you know they had to completely blow me away and make all my organic, natural laundry dreams come true (don't laugh... I am being serious, I was searching for the perfect laundry "fit" for us for months) also included was all the items needed to make a olive oil Castile soap (this is supposed to leave your skin super moisturized when used as a body soap) I will be making this soap over the weekend (I am going to also research (maybe as on the Home Grown Collective Facebook page if it is OK /acceptable to add a essential oil to this to create your favorite scented soap (Be it  for laundry, body or hair)

Wool Dryer ball & essential oil
The Wool Dryer ball makes me almost as happy as the soap nuts since it was also on my "to get list" from the same co op actually . There are many, many reasons to switch from dryer sheets (even the dryer sheets that are "green" like the ones I get from the honest company) but let's talk about the obvious.... this ONE ball will last you like a year!!! You also can add "smell good scent" to the ball with your favorite essential oil (the one included with the box is "coastal scent" which I like a great deal. This little ball of happiness will fluff your laundry, reduce static cling add scent (only if YOU want it using the essential oil on the ball) Plus I have read that since the wool ball actually absorbs the moisture as well your drying time decreases)

I do not EVER do a "price breakdown" on this box... with the Homegrown collective Green Box I would not even know how to begin with that since the entire point of this box is to encourage, teach and help you achieve a more sustainable living lifestyle there is no way to put a price on it every box is a learning experience, with the tools to get you started but meant to give you the knowledge to make it yourself/grow it yourself and be more self reliant plus leave less of a carbon footprint in the process... so I do believe that I ALWAYS get my money's worth on this box... I mean you really can not put a monetary value on learning how to be more self reliant in products that you use or consume daily.

This box IS one the more pricey side of the box spectrum, BUT as I said it is so worth it, plus with this box I just eliminated my need to buy laundry products for at least 6 that more than pays for this box on it's own! My husband and I consider this box an investment ... This box is one of the best decisions we have ever made towards SAVING us money since it teaches us to "do for ourselves"
The Box is $39.00 a month plus $9.00 shipping (so $48 total) but prices drop A LOT when you buy a multiple month subscription (I save $9 a month just by having a 6 month subscription)

Click Here to be taken to the website (where you can look around, buy past boxes, items from their store, or order a subscription) I don't know if this code still works but you can try  code "G9C255B0029K9" to save 10% off of any purchase... Please if you do order let them know Kimberlee Parkhouse sent you, I know several of you have told me you signed up from my blog BUT this is not a link that will "automatically give me credit" so unless you give them my "real" name not Dragon Slayer I do not get the referral credit for this box... and I do thank each and everyone of you who sign up from boxes using my links it helps me provide giveaways for you as well as continue to subscribe to so many boxes to review for you (most of which I pay for myself ...thank goodness for 6 and 12 month subscription discounts!!!) 


  1. Here is how I feel about this box: Totally loving the soap nuts (I am already a fan of them!) and seriously loving the wool dryer ball (I am already on the list to get some from Buddah Bunz). So this box would have been a HUGE hit with me in terms of things I would use constantly... that being said. I don't think I would have been this excited to get it because it didnt seem as fun as the others. Maybe I would have changed my mind if I actually got the box though cause I think I might just be a little jealous lol!

  2. I would love to try this sub box. Your kitten is sweet:)