Thursday, October 10, 2013

September E- Sentials Review, free box code and giveaway info!

A couple weeks ago the lovely founder of e-sentials  (Kali) very graciously offered me the opportunity to review her brand new time of the month box for women and an incredible opportunity for you my readers (more on this later) Trust me when I say I was all over this opportunity I couldn't say yes fast enough!

Unlike other time of the month boxes is  e-sentials focuses on what you NEED... I mean, what you REALLY need which I personally found refreshing (and affordable, very affordable and full of items you MUST have on hand no matter what)

e-sentials offers three levels of boxes
$10 -assortment of 20 pads &  tampons (you choose your favorite brand)
$13- assortment of 20 pads & tampons and 3 razors
$16- assortment of 20 pads & tampons, 3 razors and deoderant of your choice

***if you need more than 20, they can be added on at an additional cost of 30 cents each add on***

as I said above... this is seriously a box of what you NEED... I love it!!!

Ok, so I no longer have periods (well I have had 2 since 2009...but never say never, last time I said that I had a period earlier this year although it thankfully only lasted 3 days)

So I designed the box I am reviewing for my youngest daughter who is 20, I am reviewing the $16 option with pads, razors and deodorant. 

Kitty Kat uses pads and she prefers Always Ultra thin (with wings)
You choose how many regular, long super and overnight pads you need based on your personal flow and cycle patterns (I guessed on Kitty Kat's as I don't really know) I just make sure she has a variety of Always Ultra on hand and she tells me when she needs more of something or she buys it her self these days.
Also included (as a nice bonus, practical and much needed little bonus) was 3 Summer's Eve cleansing cloths because well sometimes you just need to "get clean" adding these were a nice touch... I have never thought of sending her any of those (now I feel like a bad mom)

The razors are 3 blade women's disposable razors with an aloe soothing strip and pivoting head

I chose the Dove Sensitive skin deodorant ( you could chose from a variety of scents from the following brands Dove, Secret, Suave, lady speed stick or Degree) these are full size deodorants (and a good selection of brands and scents)

I did not so a price breakdown on this box (I never do for a time of the month box) I believe the true value in this box is having all of the things you truly NEED delivered to your door every month exactly WHEN you need it. e-sentials does a great job of covering the basics, fulfilling a true need and getting rid of all the "fuss" in other time of the month boxes... this is quite simply a very basic box that is affordable and convenient meant to make sure you never get caught without what you need again... This is a PERFECT gift subscription for you daughters in college (you know you have to pay for these things anyway one way or another) just sign your girls up and never worry about it again... you know they get there needs taken care of and don't have to get a call at 3am because she spent her money on pizza and beer instead of pads/tampons and needs you to send her money right away so she can get some... just let e-sentials take care of it for you!

OK so that very kind and gracious offer than I told you about at the beginning of this review... here ya go... EVERY READER who signs up and uses the code "dragon" will get their first box absolutely free!(this works on all three levels of boxes)

e-sentials is also offering an entire 3 month subscription (to the box of your choice) for one lucky  reader!

The Giveaway will run from October 10th, 2013 to November 10th, 2013 you can enter the giveaway by clicking HERE

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  1. Hi, did anybody else who used this offer received a 2nd box and have not been charged? When signing up it never asked for my payment information.