Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rocks Box Review & FREE Month for Yourself!

I recently was given the opportunity to try out RocksBox and I was pleasantly surprised. I did NOT think I would like a jewelry "rental" service at all, but really now that I have seen it, done it and got the first one out of the way...Yea, I will likely do it again (and I DO want to buy one of the pieces)

The entire process was rather easy and streamlines, no issues or "weirdness" at all...

You fill out a style survey so they get looks that fit your style and with each box they send you and your comments you report back on the items sent your boxes will get better and better as you "fine tune" your profile and they learn exactly what you like that is in their inventory.

Best Part... You can try your first box for FREE..yep you read that right...I said free (now hang on to your britches, I will get to that free box thing down at the bottom of the review)

Since this is a service that you exchange the pieces as often as you want  you will receive your box of jewelry (3 pieces), a postage paid padded envelope to mail this box back to them, an info sheet that tell you about the jewelry they sent you and a post card to add comments on about the pieces you are sending back and to mark if you decided to buy and or all of the pieces they sent you that time. 

you can keep your box up to 60 days before you have to return you will get plenty of opportunity to see how you feel about a certain piece...on the flip side...if you don't like anything, pack it back up and mail it back ASAP... your cost is the same no matter how many boxes they send you a month $17 to $19 depending on the subscription you have. (you pay per month for the service, not per the box) 

This was the first look into the box it's self...

So let's see what I got...

Peach Belle DeJour Ring by Samantha Wills retail $89.00 you can buy it for $71.20 if you decide to purchase it instead of sending it back.
This was about 1/2 size too small for me ... I honestly can't remember if I gave my ring size or not but it only fit on my pinky and it is NOT a pinky ring, so I never wore this (keep in mind my illness causes joint damage and my knuckles have started twisting inward so my fingers are oddly sized in comparison to my hands/wrist so this is NOT any fault of RocksBox as it is more mine,  I haven't bought rings since my wedding set (before my illness) and I can only wear my wedding set on "good days" ... 

actually on my "to do" list... find a nice plain band that we can get a size or two too big so that I can always wear a wedding ring even on my bad days...

Ngunge Ithathatu Bangle by Made Retail Price $40.00, you can buy it for $32.80 if you decide you want to buy it for yourself. 

Although I prefer silver, I really did like this bangle a lot , the best way to describe it is it had a rustic look to it... it was not a typical gold bangle (it looked more bronze maybe) anyway the metal has "texture" to it... I liked it ALOT, a very simple but unique piece 

Wishbone necklace in Silver by Urban Gem retail $41.00, you can buy it for $32.80 if you decide to keep it (and I almost did keep this one)

I am a HUGE fan of dainty silver jewelry so this was a PERFECT pick for me... I actually still have the return envelop to RocksBox sitting on the entry way table unsealed because I can't decide if I want to send this necklace back... Today is Sunday, tomorrow is a holiday so I have until Tuesday morning to decide (my 60 days are up) 

What do ya'll think should I keep this necklace... seriously someone tell me what to do because I can't decide on this one....

This is a picture of all 3 pieces in this Rocks Box. I am not doing a price breakdown since this is not a traditional subscription box...

If you would like to try RocksBox for yourself, you can try it for FREE by clicking on my link HERE  and see if Rocks Box is for you... no charge, no shipping...completely free (just make sure you return the items in 60 days or they WILL charge you for the pieces if you keep them (which is fair I think)

This is perfect for someone who LOVES nice jewelery but doesn't want to spend a lot of money (this is less than $20 a month and you keep the pieces up to 60 days or send the box back every week if you want for a new box every week..same price no matter HOW you decide to do it) 

You can of course cancel anytime you wish after receiving your free trial box there is no obligation to purchase or to continue

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***As always all thoughts and opinions are my own... The Dragon Slayer mommy will never accept payment for a review, and will always give MY honest opinion on products and customer service that I personally have experienced***

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