Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pleasure pantry review *** warning*** adult product review & Giveaway info

A once a month box of goodies for you and your partner. The Pleasure Pantry is a monthly subscription that will spice up your love life and take your "boring and routine" relationship to VA VA VOOM!!!

This box is full of adult novelties, toys, or lingerie... you just never know what you will get

Explore ALL areas of sexual fun...even the ones you are too shy to purchase yourself...but WISH you had ordered!

Pleasure Pantry does have you fill out a questionnaire, so YOU will get to pick your individual comfort level as to what you are open to trying, or NOT open to trying...your box WILL be compatible to your desires and fantasies! 

I should throw in here that this one may be the only adult box that I have reviewed that offered a box for straight couples, gay couples, lesbian couples and a bridal box, they even ask your skin tone so they can match your toys colors to your preference as well... so really this is a truly customizable box to fit YOUR desires 

OK ladies, today we have an adult box review (this is not the first adult box, and will NOT be the last adult box...but it is unlike any other adult box I have ever reviewed before so be prepared girls....)

Pleasure Pantry ships in a plain brown box that reads JennyMay LLC on the return address instead of Pleasure Pantry so your mail man and nosy neighbors don't know that you are gonna get your freak on...which is ALWAYS a good thing!

A month or so ago Pleasure Pantry offered me the opportunity to do a box review AND to offer my readers an incredible 2 month subscription giveaway as well... WOO HOO..... some lucky girl's hubby is not gonna care how many boxes she orders this holiday season...

I promise you he will forget all about that extra popsugar box after he sees this box so enter the giveaway for sure!

They did email me and let me know that although an actual customer would be filling out a questionnaire prior to receiving the box that they were going to send me their X rated box for review since this was a complimentary box for review purposes which was OK by me,  they informed me they actually see many requests for this type box in the questionnaire results (hey, someone has to review it in mainstream blogs, right?)...I thought, "OK...well ALL adult boxes are rated X...right..."


I was not expecting what I found in the box when I opened it (and was glad one of my daughters (adults) were not here with me) I will have to say this box is about experimenting and letting your inhibitions go...

 this would defiantly fall into the experimenting and letting your inhibitions go category (I did have to do some "creative" product placement in the photos to cover one of the packages as much as I could while allowing you to see the product it's self because the package had full frontal (and I mean FULL frontal) obviously since I DO review children's items  as well I can't have that much "exposure" in my I covered the body parts that needed to be covered to keep the FCC (and some readers) happy...

Please don't think I am saying I do not like this box... I think this box is exactly what it claims to be, I think that when you order this box you know what you are getting and that is great... but you wouldn't be showing it in photos to your neighbor,mom, daughters, church members...

So if you don't want to think all erotic and fantasy like you can go ahead and exit this review now (this is your last warning)

What I (or anyone else do in my bedroom is MY business) as it should be... and I will leave it at that

Now let's get to he box since I have given every possible warning for those easily offended (or that I gave birth to...seriously Princess....I warned you!)....

X-10 Anal beads ($9.95) - This was the item with the full frontal and to be honest it struck me as funny...full frontal when this is not about the frontal half at all... OK these are Jelly bead that graduate from small to larger and have a ringed handle... that's about all I can say on this...if you don't know what these are or how to use them please see Mr. Google right away!

Humm Dinger night rider glow in the dark cock ring ($6.69) this is a "stretchy" jelly ring with a single vibrator  that is designed to bring pleasure and satisfaction to both partners while helping to prolong your romantic encounter by using the ring  it's self ...batteries are included..AND it glows in the dark! 

Tingle Gel ($5.99) - Minty Fresh Edible, Tasty & Tingly Stimulation plus advanced formula arousal gel, I do believe this is very self explanatory.

Universal Toy Cleaner ($6.50)- I am just gonna be blunt here ladies... YOU really MUST use a toy cleaner ...period... this is NOT an item you want to skip... seriously... and this one comes in a convenient spray bottle.

Nipple Nibblers Lip balm ($3.95)- use on your nipples or your lips this has a bit of a tingle 9I tried it as a lip balm... you KNOW that I can't resist a lip balm... smells like melon which cracks me up since it is a nipple balm...
Mini Moist personal lubricant ($3.20) - This was voted the best lubricant in Women's health magazine... it is water based and comes with an easy to use pump for a mess free experience.

All totaled my Pleasure Pantry Box was valued at $36.28 and the cost of the box is $29.00 per month and although I am a straight couple I guess in reality this was the "perfect" box for them to send for review purposes since really this box would cover all of their target audiences and box types (straight, gay, lesbian, and bridal) so it actually makes perfect sense why this box with these items would be sent for review... 

So this box wasn't YOUR thing, that's OK (not really my thing either) BUT Pleasure Pantry is 100% customizable to what IS "your thing"  whatever that may be (and hey, they won't tell...your secrets are safe with them)

Click Here to be taken to their website where you can explore their options and sign up for a box of fun and exploration of your own! you can use discount code "DRAGON" for 10% off your first order!

Don't forget that I will be launching a 2 month giveaway subscription on Friday October the 11th 2013 and it will run until October 31st 2013


  1. I have been DYING to give this box a try. It is far more up my alley (get your mind out of the gutter!) than some of the other adult boxes I've seen. I also love that they cater to same-sex relationships!

  2. I subscribed to this after I read your review. I am so disappointed I just sent them an email. I got four things in my box. Nothing like yours. I got Ben Wa Balls worth 10$ handcuffs maybe worth 5$ a TINY sample of lube worth 1$ and an edible bra worth 4$. I feel so cheated and ripped off and jealous that everyone else got good items. My brown bag literally had one thing in it. That lube.

  3. I just got mine and I am so disappointed. The lamest thing was a vibrating mustache...for a lesbian couple.

  4. Hey guys, I recently stumbled across L'Amour Secret subscription box, and my husband and I were thoroughly pleased.

  5. Hey Guys, Check out the L'Amour Secret box. I'm a bi-monthly subscriber, and my husband and I love the item in our box. They claim to be customizeable

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